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Because its about "equality"

Why should everything be equal? Should men be allowed in women bathrooms because of equal access?
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What the hell? Why would gays want to be boy scouts? LOL

Why would they want to be in boy scouts? Boy scouts is about being tough, courageous and hardworking which goes against what gays believe in. Gays don't work hard. Unless you call flaunting their bodies on every downtown in america and having big dr... ag shows and orgy floats as hard work. Maybe when they dressed appropriately and didn't spend every waking minute of their lives calling people homophobes and acting as flamboyantly gay as possible, maybe people would actually respect the   more
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Gays shouldn't be allowed because there is a chance that they may "come on" to other scouts

The boy scouts is a place of purity and respect. To bring gays is to bring sexualization.
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Shouldn't be allowed because it furthers government control over society

The boy scouts, like any other private organization or business, shouldn't be controlled by the government.
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Gays shouldn't be allowed in boy scouts because they oversexualize everything

They do oversexualize everything. Boy scouts is about adventure not sexuality. To bring gays in is to make the boy scouts about sexuality. Sexuality is not the mission of boy scouts. They are not going to accept people just so they can deal with peo... ple constantly showing off their bodies and talking about how gay they are. Would you want a kindergarden class where one of the students comes in half naked and talks about how she loves boys all the time? Would that be appropriate   more
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Because gays do not sexualize anything they touch and will purify the boy scouts

This is the joke answer. They sexualize nearly everything. Go to a gay parade and see that they sexualize it. If people were truly proud of their identity they wouldn't be so degrading. Maybe if they stopped doing this people would actually listen t... o the   more
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Stalin_Mario says2014-10-24T19:36:35.7468976-05:00
Why should they not be?
Stalin_Mario says2014-10-24T19:38:28.5065888-05:00
Actually don't even reply, Redspec, you're clearly a crazy delusional old man. Just read his "About me", anyone who says "I am the the only one that knows the truth. " is not worth talking to, let alone debating with.
Redspectre says2014-10-24T19:42:58.6864649-05:00
1. I am not an old man 2. You should read the answers to know they should not be
PillarOfSalt says2014-10-24T20:37:06.9636517-05:00
So I'm assuming you against lesbian Girl Scouts? Oh yeah because every co-ed hetero clubs are super sexualities as well. Yeah they have sex all the time those little scouts just banging the girls. Am I right? Aren't boys that are straight sexually attracted to straight girls there fore they would have just as much sex as 2 boys and 2 girls. Let's just ban all things co-Ed because if both genders were together then that would totally over sexualize things. Wouldnt suppressing gays from Boy Scouts create a larger barrier between lgbt and straight? It's also against the law to do this.
benjaminimuffin says2014-10-24T20:42:39.2625468-05:00
This poll is clearly biased. Grow up.
Vox_Veritas says2014-10-24T20:55:28.5494484-05:00
These kind of polls do nothing to contribute to civilized discussion. Please stop.

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