Why would Buzz Aldrin want to go to Phobos?

Posted by: 1814Username

One of our greatest astronauts wants to go to Phobos because there is a monolith there. What does he know that all of us don't?

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Let's facts. We are not alone and we are being lied to about how we got on this planet.

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I believe our government and institutions because they never lied to me before.

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Subutai says2014-07-13T18:53:17.9857675-05:00
Life doesn't exist on Phobos. It's not possible (on that body).
1814Username says2014-07-13T19:50:43.7736741-05:00
Been there Subutai? They said water didn't exist on the moon and now it is reported that it does. How can you be so sure of something you never have seen?
SGM_iz_SekC says2014-07-13T19:55:21.7446599-05:00
Life as we know it does not exist, or at least isn't alive/on the surface of Mars or its moons. I hold close to the theory that life in the solar system started on Mars or one of its moons, and is still living today.
1814Username says2014-07-13T20:02:21.6654599-05:00
I agree with that. There are radiation signatures on Mars which literally resemble those at Chernobyl. Something happened on Mars. Possibly the same thing that wiped out another planet in our solar system (scientist theorize that the asteroid belt in our solar system was created when a planet exploded). We are simply not being told the truth about many things. It is no coincidence that all the major observatories are basically under lock and key. They did a century of studies on the luminous patterns of the moon. Yes, there is light emanating from the moon. I wonder why?
reece says2014-07-13T20:03:09.4638599-05:00
Subutai: you're right but when the Soviets sent satellites to Phobos, the photos came back with moving shadows on the surface and pictures of other "cigar shaped satellites" that shouldn't be there.
Subutai says2014-07-13T21:30:45.8608019-05:00
@1814Username: You have the BoP to show that life exists on Phobos.
Subutai says2014-07-13T21:32:48.6023887-05:00
@reece: It might have had something to do with the fact that the computers on Phobos 2, the only probe to actually reach Phobos, were faulty.

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