• Yes

  • No

47% 14 votes
53% 16 votes
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LetMeRebuttal says2015-03-11T17:15:00.2255891-05:00
provideoman123 says2015-03-11T19:05:59.4444059-05:00
What game is the one on the left?
provideoman123 says2015-03-11T19:06:20.1285960-05:00
Looks like only stupid people play it
shaancl_716 says2015-03-11T19:07:21.1361011-05:00
That was an incredibly broad and rude statement
3168175 says2015-03-11T19:40:24.8592735-05:00
Snugent439 says2015-03-12T07:31:19.2120625-05:00
Go to sleep my name is fred
Reeseroni says2015-03-13T11:06:53.7382521-05:00
How about a *neither category? X)

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