Will active nihilism play a big role in the next 100 years?

Posted by: reece

In its active form, nihilism is likened to a hammer — used not only to chisel away all artificial meaning, but to smash them. Active nihilism paves the way for the creation of new values, the overcoming of the self by taking a new relation to oneself as an autonomous creator. In effect, this is the transformation of living as the “one-self,” into “my-self.” Thus, the end result of nihilism in its active form is nothing short of paving the way for the grounds to becoming my own self.

  • Yes. We will be compelled to become a type one civilization. For example, the EU is a basis for a type one economy.

  • No. If anything, it's dangerous. It will just create conflict.

38% 3 votes
62% 5 votes
  • Nihilism quite often leads to more degenerate forms of morality.

  • Let people believe what they want?

  • But what evidence do we have to make an assertion it would become a bigger deal? It seems other trends like narcissism are going far stronger, and newer trends. I have no reason to believe nihilism will be some big thing in the future, until shown otherwise.

  • Good luck providing proper incentive for the "my-self" to do anything worthwhile or strenuous. Why not simply fall into a crack cocaine habit? It would be far more efficient in releasing dopamine than actually building some great society- for the sole sake of doing it. Let's face it. It's boring. Even a great space society will not last. It will fall into nothing. People have to hold onto ideals in order to become strong.

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Amedexyius says2016-07-31T02:57:02.3113791Z
That isn't really what nihilism is.
reece says2016-07-31T03:06:05.4132605Z
@Amedexyius Nihilism is split between passive and active.
reece says2016-07-31T03:09:50.9439062Z
I think it would be a great alternative to the major religions. It's much more flexible with societal change.
reece says2016-07-31T03:17:24.1268112Z
Well, just as a starting point.
MasturDbtor says2016-07-31T04:31:18.3462140Z
What does nihilism have to do with the EU or becoming a type 1 civilization?
reece says2016-07-31T04:57:31.9317032Z
@MasturDbtor For societal progress to take place, nationalism, nativism, tribalism must become null. There is dogma that's attached to them. Active nihilism is capable of smashing it.
triangle.128k says2016-07-31T05:49:19.3738252Z
Getting rid of nationalism will get rid of global diversity and individual cultures. The idea of a centralized world is extremely stupid, and will not work out in the long run.
reece says2016-07-31T06:25:23.9345005Z
In the long run, it's inevitable. If you're calling a global civilization centralized, so be it.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2016-07-31T11:22:33.4343258Z
Doesn't Type I, II, III, etc. civilization refer to the amount of energy generated by that civilisation?
triangle.128k says2016-07-31T12:09:41.3997193Z
@reece The death of cultural diversity can be prevented if we stay away from globalism
reece says2016-07-31T21:33:24.0440823Z
@Diqiucun_Cunmin That's just one element of it.
reece says2016-07-31T21:35:51.3870268Z
@triangle.128k Like I said, it's inevitable. We're a social species.

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