Will America have another Civil War within the next 10 years?

Posted by: 21MolonLabe

  • Yes

  • No

44% 16 votes
56% 20 votes
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Randomperson13 says2016-01-14T15:21:14.2746114Z
Let's be honest for a moment. Tensions are already extremely high. I wouldn't be surprised if a civil war was to break out.
Noah4oo says2016-01-14T16:37:16.2915463Z
This is ridiculous...
BIGC says2016-01-14T16:52:04.7621629Z
Very unlikely
Bolas says2016-01-14T17:42:33.7079903Z
You are not wrong saying that tensions are already extremely high. But I doubt another Civil War will breakout. No way of life is really threatened like it was in though South when the Civil War actually happened.
BrendanD19 says2016-01-14T19:09:10.9968507Z
The odds of this happening are slim and none. There is nothing that would move us in that direction that would happen in the next 20 years. The fact is people are unhappy, but they are still docile. And while we do need a democratic revolution through mass protests and participation at the ballot box, I do not see a civil war on the horizon. The fact is that we do not see any of the main causes of civil wars in our society today.
Thescarecrow066 says2016-01-15T00:26:45.1647500Z
Unlikely but I'm not going to say impossible.
jgardner21 says2016-01-15T02:09:38.5321299Z
Tensions are high, but the tensions are not within America, they are between America.
idoubtit says2016-01-18T20:30:08.3351187Z
It will depend on whether or not those states in which the people are fed up with the welfare system, out of control political correctness, unchecked immigration, etc are allowed to peaceably exit what has grown into a farce of democracy.
spiderek1 says2016-02-29T16:58:21.3811049Z
Ahmm, Black Lives Matter, excuse me
Boettner says2016-12-26T01:43:35.1621283Z
Given the unbalanced responses of liberals to Trump's election, the odds favor something happening to tip the scales to a civil war. Look at California, the fools are pushing for secession.

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