Will America have another democrat as our president?

Posted by: CyberConor

What do you think?

  • Happily, we won't, and a Libertarian will save america from being a communist country!

  • Unfortuantly, we will have another sucky democrat that can't read the constitution

17% 3 votes
83% 15 votes
  • Because cutting the deficit in three is the the same thing as being the biggest spender of all time.

    Posted by: A2
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yahuaa says2015-04-18T11:18:10.9396920-05:00
So.... This might be a bit bias.
Heraclitus says2015-04-18T11:29:45.6647790-05:00
This may be biased but it is true and I like it.
MechVarg says2015-04-18T11:44:00.5514380-05:00
CyberConor says2015-04-18T11:46:29.5210737-05:00
Says the guy who has the commie symbol. Get a job.
MechVarg says2015-04-18T11:56:41.6405590-05:00
Sorry! Child labour laws ^_^ So YOU get a freaking CEREBRUM and read some communist stuff by actual communists and stop saying commie, as it is uneducated. THAT IS ALL
SNP1 says2015-04-18T12:15:29.1372189-05:00
Bias. Also, we need a democrat next as within the next 4-8 years 4 Supreme Court Justices will retire. When conservatives make mistakes, it is mostly irreversible. When liberals make mistakes, it is just hard to reverse.
tommytom says2015-04-18T14:39:12.2457867-05:00
Really biased, not voting on this. Of course, Obama was a lot worse than Bush though! Bush started multiple worthless wars, brought even more despise to this country, and brought the economy to it's knees. Obama started the steps to bringing this country national healthcare, smoothed relations with Cuba, got us a nuclear deal with Iran, did not ignite a war with Russia (which Bush would have done over the Ukrainian crisis), and lots more all the while having to deal with just possibly the most ridiculous Congress in the history of everything. He hasn't done the greatest job like he claimed he would, but he's still done a pretty darn good job. I'm a proud Democrat and Obama supporter.
CyberConor says2015-04-18T18:38:49.4873666-05:00
Conservatives are pretty stupid, so are liberals. Republicans and Democrats are basically the same, they both want to have more government influence on citizens, just Democrats want it sooner.

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