Will Atheism/Agnosticism eventually be the dominant religious view?

Posted by: TyroneShelton

  • Yes

  • No

50% 14 votes
50% 14 votes
  • Not for a while, i'm pretty sure the spread of atheism/agnosticism is going to eventually slow down. Theism and belief in god isn't going anywhere.

  • Unfortunately, Even though I'm an atheist myself, I don't think it'll take over. There's too many people not believing in science, and people are brainwashed from birth. I mean, Christian Kindergartens exist. I went to one as a matter of fact.

  • Globally, Atheism and other unaffiliated are decreasing. Every other major religion (except Buddhism) is increasing.

  • Christianity and Islam is increasing in Africa and many Asian countries. Many atheists are converting.

  • Did you know (this surprised me to learn) that Christianity and Islam are both still growing at a much faster rate then atheism. Atheist numbers are actually in quick decline in some nations. This is believed to be related to the higher birth rate among Christians and Muslims as opposed to Atheists.

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UtherPenguin says2015-07-05T18:08:09.9151753-05:00
The religious population makes up well over 5 billion people.
triangle.128k says2015-07-05T18:43:38.2218383-05:00
Irreligion seems to be spreading quickly. I'm sure however it's going to slow down, the problem before was that most people would just blindly believe in their parent's religion without questioning. Now, scientific research and the internet and all have helped people and one effect is that they question their religion more. Due to that, many may start to disbelieve or doubt their religion.
triangle.128k says2015-07-05T18:44:54.5059225-05:00
However, there are still going to be people that interpret their religion to comply with modern-day scientific teaching. Even as an agnostic, I can surely say atheism/agnosticism/apatheism etc. won't spread as quickly as time passes.
triangle.128k says2015-07-05T18:46:23.7196398-05:00
Also, religious fundamentalism will continue to thrive in poorer and less developed countries. People in the middle east are so insanely religious, questioning religion there would be seen as suicide in their society.
58539672 says2015-07-05T19:28:44.6496592-05:00
The only developed nations that have a noticeable unaffiliated growth rate is the US, France, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Every other one is either decreasing or stagnating.
Donderpants says2015-07-05T20:37:10.2800566-05:00
TyroneShelton says2015-07-05T21:51:20.8040288-05:00
Atheism/Agnosticism is a weird religion. (I understand people dont like using that word so religion for now means view on God). It only exists (in noticeable quantities) in developed nations and in them, it tends to have a presence everywhere, rather than a center of influence. This would suggest that it is spread not by conventional means, such as evangelism and what not, but as a result of something that civilized nations have that uncivilized nations do not. This could be education, not saying that atheists are more educated, but that you must have education to get atheism. Another thing it could be is the internet where all ideas are subject to scrutiny and since most religions base their evidence in non-scientific type practices they are subject to more scrutiny than things that rely on observable evidence. It will be interesting to see if religion can push back enough or if this trend will continue until no religions are left, or, more likely, those left will be the crazy religious, the Alluha Ackbar West Boro Baptist type. [I do not claim to be an expert and I may be wrong in this, however I welcome criticism to my analysis and hope to weed out any lingering bias I may have left]
anonymouse says2015-07-07T17:39:42.2844633-05:00
Actually no atheism is not decreasing. Atheism is actually growing but Islam and other religions are growing faster. Because of that proportionally atheists will be a smaller percentage of hte population in the year 2050 but the overall population of atheists will have increased by over 150 million people
58539672 says2015-07-07T17:44:47.1244698-05:00
Atheism is decreasing. Currently 16% of the global population is unaffiliated with a projected 13% by 2050. http://www.pewforum.org/2015/04/02/religious-projections-2010-2050/
Renegader says2015-07-08T23:30:17.7434523-05:00
I think anonymouse is correct from what I have read
Donderpants says2015-07-10T03:24:35.1140696-05:00
Speaking as a Christian, to be honest I hope atheism becomes dominant eventually. The less people with tunnel vision caused by religious belief, the better. I'm not switching over myself, at least not in the near future, but logic and science are what I trust most, and so more people following logic and science sounds great to me.
B0HICA says2015-07-10T04:34:17.0583075-05:00
If you trust logic and science, then you're really trusting humans. And History has shown, over and over, that humans always manage to screw things up. Good luck with that.
Donderpants says2015-07-10T05:23:16.1944058-05:00
Logic and science..... You know, that's not putting my trust in humans, humans on average really suck, so I would not trust a random stranger (although in NZ, it's safer than in places like USA) But logic and science are just simple informed decisions. And that almost always does do well.
VladimirLeninIsCool says2015-07-22T18:34:55.1654145-05:00
Atheism/Agnosticism in not a religion. You can be Christian or Jewish or whatever but you can be agnostic or atheist to.
emporer1 says2015-08-09T06:49:13.2173063Z
Just because somebody believes in a religion doesn't mean they don't believe in science (to some extent). I am Christian but love Science and Technology. The only Science I really oppose is theories (the big bang theory and evolution of ape to man). Even some evolution is plausible as a current existing tool of the Lord. The lobe finned lung fish (for example) is a link between fish and amphibian. The lobed finned lung fish still exists today. Unlike the supposed "neanderthal".
Donderpants says2015-08-09T10:21:15.7876925Z
@emporer1 You know, ironically, both of those theories were thought up by Christians. And there is an awful lot of evidence for Neanderthals existence. There was also a species of dwarf humans. And homo erectus, which lived 2 million years, which likely even we won't beat. The neanderthal has been studied for a long time- the only large misconception the general public has about them is that they're depicted as somewhat thick. In actuality, they were smarter than us in pretty much every way except for language, and even there we only got ahead 70,000 years ago.

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