Will authoritarian capitalism oust the free market this centuary?

Posted by: labarum

  • Yes, authoritarian capitalism will oust free markets in this centuary

  • No, authoritarian capitalism will not oust free markets in this centuary

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100% 10 votes
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  • Authoritarian capitalism tends to be a bit of an oxymoron. If anything, such a system would simply be the absence of socialist policies.

  • Lol authortarian capitalism is impossible, or it wouldn't be capitalism. Capitalism cant exist witha government.

  • Authoritarian capitalism, the concept itself it contradicting. There is a big mix-up of capitalism and corporatism in the question.

    Posted by: Fernyx
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bhakun says2016-02-24T02:44:53.5683421Z
Lol at people saying there is no government in capitalism. You need a government to enforce property rights which are what practically define capitalism.

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