Will automations have the ability to do your job by 2030?

Posted by: TheEPICpie

Machines are getting smarter and smarter everyday. Scientist say 30%-50% of jobs WILL be automated by 2030. I'm not even asking you if you think automation will take your job by 2030, I'm just wondering if you think they'll have the ABILITY to do your job by 2030.

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ConcernedCitizenX says2021-11-12T02:08:13.4641273Z
2030 is a pretty nearby date. We can mostly linearly extrapolate - and then maybe add a few ticks upward to account for exponential growth. But the principle at hand revolves around a pretty simple argument. Take the following: if humans can do something, That specific something can be done. Simple enough, Plainly true. Take the following: humans are not perfect. I think we can all agree to that. Take the following: if something can be done imperfectly, It can HYPOTHETICALLY be done better, And at LEAST can be done to the same degree of imperfection. Again, Flatly and plainly true. Therefore, I think it's plain to see that in even the WORST CASE SCENARIO for machines, They can do something EXACTLY as well as humans, And in many other areas, They can surpass our abilities. The twenty-first century, Particularly the second half of the twenty-first century, Will be the dawn of a new age: the post-human age. Human progress has always leapt exponentially - two million years of hunting and gathering gave way to twelve thousand years of agriculture, Which gave way to two hundred years of industrialism, Which gave way to about thirty years now of information science. The pace at which human society progresses is accelerating too rapidly for its own good - it is likely that the next advance will be the last advance, And our society will progress beyond humanity. For the first time, We will not be bound to and burdened by nature, We will be transcendent of nature. I imagine in the near future (say, About the end of the next century at most) that what we now call "humanity" will instead be a network of biological and mechanical consciousness so thoroughly intertwined as to be indistinguishable. Robots may grown wetware components, And human bodies will be saturated with technology. Genetic engineering will produce extraordinary abilities in tandem with electronic implants, And the brain will be not an object, But a diagram to be executed on a wide variety of hardware - both biological and otherwise. The interim will not be pretty. Right now, All the resources sufficient to create complex AIs (which are nowhere near as complex yet as AI can be in time) are concentrated into the hands of corporations and governments, None of whom have solely the best interests of the people in mind, And who will program their computers for their own aims. All of the jobs currently practiced by humans will be obsolete in less than a century, And there is no social safety net at the moment sufficient to help the billions who will be unemployed. To make matters even worse, Many humans are staunchly resistant to intelligent machines, Holding the seeds of what, In time, Will grow into a bigotry against sentient computers (we will literally have massive numbers of "robo-racists" very soon). (And also, AI today is still limited greatly by things like disconnected software and data standards, Privately-owned and controlled datasets, And poorly-understood foundations leading to problems like overfit and bias propagation. )

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