Will Communism ever come back?

Posted by: PetersSmith

Communism was created in the mid-1800's with the publication of the Communist Manifesto by Fredric Engels and Karl Marx. Years later a Russian Revolution began and the country installed a Communist government. Communism flourished with the Fascist defeat, but after sixty years it withered to almost nothing. Is there a chance that it could come back?

  • Yes, history repeats itself.

  • No, it's long gone. Even China will abolish its regime in the near-future.

62% 10 votes
38% 6 votes
  • Communism is the belief in the creation of a stateless, classless, moneyless society. The creator of this poll is misinformed when they state that the Soviet Union was a 'communist government'. Now, as for the question, if the question is that crypto-fascist regimes like the USSR will come back in the future, then the answer is no. However, if the answer is that people will create movements that propose anarchistic communism as an alternative to capitalism, and that these movements will be successful, then the answer is yes. However, communism can't 'come back' since a communist society have never been created in the first place.

  • the idea behind it will always be there (both the good and the bad); but it wont come back as it was.

  • Hopefully

  • It's still here.

  • It already here

  • Communism works with wealthy small countries with a well educated citizen and stable culture. It probably will not work with a population more than a couple millions or countries bigger than the size of Belgium (Belgium the size, not the country)

  • It's coming back and very soon, if certain warnings are not heeded, eventually the public will realize how badly they've been duped and have a communist or other socialist revolution of there own volition. You wait and see.

  • the citizens that live in china is already unhappy about their government so the republic of china would eventually get rid of communism

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PetersSmith says2014-07-10T19:31:57.8527178-05:00
Chimera: While I appreciate your comment, I must inform you that I am not misinformed. I was fully aware that the Soviet Union, from Stalin and onward, was not a communist government. The only communist government in history was the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic back int the 1920's, led by Vladimir Lenin. In this version of the Soviet Union, the government was known as a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Marx was an economist and Lenin created the government for it, which is the Proletarian Dictatorship. This is probably where Marxist-Leninism came from. When Lenin died and Stalin took over, he crushed the idea of a Proletarian Dictatorship and no one really had time to see if it worked. Mikhail Kalinin, the head of state of the Soviet Union after Lenin died, tried to keep the values going, but Stalin shut him up until Kalinin died of cancer. Stalin took over and then...Well, you know what happens after that.
Chimera says2014-07-10T19:41:46.2346722-05:00
@PeterSmith While I am glad can see that you are not totally misinformed (unlike most people), Russia under Lenin was by no means a 'communist government'. If anything, Lenin was an authoritarian (however, he didn't commit genocide like Stalin did). However, communism isn't compatible with government by it's own definition. Lenin's Russia could be seen more as State capitalist or slightly socialist, but by no means communist. Soviets (revolutionary workers councils) themselves were communist in design, but the USSR was authoritarian as soon as Lenin came into power. The only period I can think of where communism actually existed would be when humanity lived as small tribes, before the invention of agriculture and government.
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-07-10T21:20:39.1788123-05:00
This is biased. Communism as Marx intended it to be is actually a good thing, but it has never been implemented. The communism that has been implemented are not good, and they shouldn't be tried again.
discomfiting says2014-07-10T21:26:57.5116423-05:00
There is a reason why it's called "Leninism" and not "Marxism". Cult of personalities is not the necessary result of communism but the result of not implementing the ideals within the manifesto. In a communist society, there is not supposed to be things for example like private ownership yet self-acclaimed communist countries like China & North Korea have private ownership.
Preston says2014-07-14T10:44:23.0952958-05:00
Communism still exists!!!!!

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