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No. He is racist, sexist and a immigrant

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I don't know.

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Anonymous says2017-01-22T00:41:07.5494965Z
@PsionicTurtle - Donald Trump has never said that the wall was a campaign device. That's factually incorrect. However, a person of relation to his campaign-- including Newt Gingrich, who is not a part of his campaign-- has stated it was a way to propel him to the presidency. This does not make it certain.
Anonymous says2017-02-28T16:54:26.5949816Z
@brinzahar - What problems is Trump causing now and what problems occurred because of him prior being President? Donald Trump may say a couple outlandish things, but, I would rather have a President who is controversial in speech rather than a President who is in the hands of Corporations, bureaucrats, lobbyists, and foreign interests. No, he only calls media outlets fake news when their... Fake news, not when it's a video of him saying things he doesn't like. When the video surfaced of him conversing about "locker room talk" he was very understanding of it and apologized without any demonizing of the media. Are you serious? Why, you declare without any evidence that Trump is going to increase taxes on the middle and lower class while lowering taxes for the upper class and ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton said that if she were President she would have raised taxes on the Middle Class! Trump has repeatedly stated he would lower taxes on the lower denominators while increasing taxation on the upper class if anything, he is refraining from Reaganomics. I'm glad you mentioned Saudi Arabia, really, the Saudis donated Hundreds of thousands dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign which means almost always that strings were attached. Sure, Trump may have had businesses there which are no longer a liability and conflict of interest but he, unlike Hillary, isn't being supported by the Government of the Sudan. You honestly believe that the Clinton Organization would not have been a conflict of interest; mind you, it too is in many countries in the Middle-East and around the world. None of these sexual assault cases, which were alleged to only groping, have been proven. They are only accusations with attempt to be famous; one hit wonders.
NushS says2017-03-04T10:03:20.7842503Z
To be clear, someone who is racist and sexist should not be fit to run for presidency.
Anonymous says2017-03-10T02:43:22.8070661Z
@Nush5 - Except Donald Trump is not a sexist nor is he a racist... Both of these allegations are false and are merely leftist propaganda and rhetoric. To further elaborate, if Donald Trump were a sexist he would never have had a Woman lead his campaign- Kellyanne Conway; Donald Trump is also not a racist for if he were he would never have nominated- and successfully elected- his former opponent Ben Carson. So, please, do not spew your subjective opinions to corner and intimidate people to conform to your lies.
Anonymous says2017-03-10T02:53:12.8842815Z
@Iamright13 - No, you're wrong- Donald Trump is not an idiot for an idiot, commonly known as a mentally handicapped individual (I.Q. 0 - 25), as he has a Net Worth of 316 billion dollars USD. Last time I checked, you need to have some form of independent thought to provoke a way to make a stable income, let alone wealth. So, when regarding your statement directed at the President, the likewise may be said for you. @captainsparrow - Could you elaborate on the latter? I've already denounced the presented accusations as false.
brycef says2017-03-10T03:29:29.2870815Z
@Sciguy - You do realize Christopher Hitchens was a Marxist and anti-theist, right?

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