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VulpeLegatus says2017-01-13T23:54:34.9054109Z
Considering the recent dossiers that have come out about Donald Trump, we have a lot of reason to believe he is a puppet of the Russian government, as they are using compromising information about him to blackmail him. Think about it, Trump has not said a single thing bad about Russia, and he praises everything they do, from the Invasion of Crimea to their intervention in the Syrian Civil War. This isn't fake news, it's been reported by the NYT, The Guardian, Vox and other trustworthy sources. Proof that the author is credible: Information in the dossier: If Congress doesn't vote out someone who is a puppet of the Russian government, then everyone in the US should really move to Canada.
CosmoJarvis says2017-01-14T00:19:07.4366849Z
I do not believe that he will be impeached, though I will not doubt that many people will soon realize how detrimental Trump is to America once in Presidency. If Bush, the very man who destroyed what stability there was in the Middle East, was not impeached, I don't doubt Trump would be impeached either. But I'm not going to deny the possibility of his impeachment entirely...
tbm says2017-01-14T04:08:31.9192638Z
Many Republicans dislike Trump strongly, but like Pence.
Starfleet says2017-01-14T06:03:40.8374849Z
Mike Pence has the thinking of someone living in Salem in the 1600s, lol, but I even prefer him over the out-of-control lunacy of Trump.
Vox_Veritas says2017-01-14T17:15:09.9391946Z
For whatever reason, former Vice-Presidents tend to make good Presidents. I look forward to a President Pence.
Vox_Veritas says2017-01-14T17:15:21.6107404Z
For whatever reason, former Vice-Presidents tend to make good Presidents. I look forward to a President Pence.
Starfleet says2017-01-16T07:02:24.8118659Z
The Republicans are no longer a benefit to anyone. Their party has become so divided that they no longer can help with anything in government. What is needed is a Democrat like President Obama, who really cares about the welfare of all Americans, regardless of where they come from.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-25T04:16:56.4770136Z
@Vox_Veritas: Could you please give us an example? I can't think of any. Bush wasn't very good and neither was Lyndon Johnson for that matter. And I don't remember Ford doing anything particularly good either, nothing bad per say, just nothing of much consequence.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-25T04:23:25.8448856Z
@Starfleet: I can't recall much of anything Obama did that very helpful to our country. Most of his economic bills and such went against the main purpose of economics (to provide an over abundant supply of goods and services) and most of his social policies were not much better, as far as I can see. Several racial minority groups hoped that he would help end racial fighting, but he has supported policies that cause further problems, or are racist by nature (abortion, evolution, etc.) If what you say is true, about him really caring for the welfare of Americans, regardless of their background, could you please show me a piece of legislation he fought to implement that took us forward as a nation?
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-25T04:24:45.1396856Z
@VulpeLegatus: I don't understand why people talk of moving to Canada. Why Canada, what is so great about Canada? Why not Costa Rica?
VulpeLegatus says2017-01-25T09:42:30.6410136Z
@Kescarte_DeJudica Moving to Canada wasn't the point of my comment, I was more trying to address Trump's scandals. But if you wanted to get away from the US very quickly, Canada is just to the North and has free, open borders (obviously there would be immigration involved, but still)
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-25T17:43:58.4726722Z
@VulpeLegatus: Still, I would imagine the quality of life would be much better in Costa Rica. Lower taxes, cheaper cost of living, better weather...
Starfleet says2017-01-26T20:27:31.3280556Z
Kescarte_DeJudica , the quality of life would not be better in Costa Rica, or any other kind of second or third-world country. The reason for that is because even the poorest of poor in this country, have access, if only temporarily, to social services agencies that can help them get on their feet.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-26T23:41:07.3789882Z
@Starfleet: There are many non-profit charities bent on assisting people in times of trouble in Costa Rica and elsewhere. True, they aren't government supported, and they are probably not as large and helpful as the charities here in the USA, but they exist none the less. Also, the poorest of the poor in this country have, interestingly enough, the same quality of lifestyle as the average European.
VulpeLegatus says2017-01-27T01:21:50.9281882Z
@Kescarte_DeJudica http://hdr.Undp.Org/en/countries Canada is ranked 9th on Human development index, Costa Rica is ranked 69th. There are open borders between Canada and the US, but not between the US and Costa Rica. The language mainly spoken in Costa Rica is Spanish. If you were an American who wanted to move away quickly, the best option is Canada, clearly.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-27T02:30:05.1013882Z
@VulpeLegatus: It would appear you are correct. I concede the point. :)
Starfleet says2017-01-27T06:38:06.0661152Z
Kescarte_DeJudica , exactly my point. My response to the post that you submitted was you saying that life would be better in Costa Rica. Now, to address a previous post regarding you saying that President Obama didn't do anything to help move us forward as a country. How about legalizing marriage for homosexual couples all across the country? To me, that shows that he cared for the mental and emotional health of those couples that weren't able to be formally married due to obsolete ways of thinking? How about The Dream Act, which gave millions of young Americans who are children of undocumented immigrants, a bright future to look forward to? The only thing that they were responsible for is having parents who were in this country illegally? Do you know how much hope and love the families of those children have, now that they know that all the risk that they took to reach this country, has paid off? There is a lot of humanity that is missed when a person gets on their metaphorical soapbox, and simply proclaims that all illegal immigrants should be deported regardless of the damage that it might cause to the families. How would you feel if you had to go through the wrenching heartache of seeing your family torn apart simply because they were here without proper documentation?.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-28T01:21:32.6025632Z
@Starfleet: Obama didn't legalize homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage became legal nationwide because of a constitutional-legality lawsuit that made it to the Supreme Court. While Obama supported gay marriage and approved of the court's decision, he did not legalize it. As for the Dream Act, that is still a bill. It was never passed into law. He supported it, but it never made it through congress. Also, the Dream Act was first introduced in 2001, before he was elected president. Was there anything else you can think of that he did?
Starfleet says2017-01-28T01:38:45.5452216Z
Kescarte_DeJudica , can you please produce proof of what you're saying? On another note, even if he wasn't directly responsible for those things, without such a staunch supporter, I don't think any of those things would've gotten to the points that they did.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-28T01:45:36.7413632Z
@Starfleet: I'll be happy to. Here's a source for what I said concerning the Dream Act: https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/DREAM_Act And here's a source for the Supreme Court case, otherwise known as Obergefell vs. Hodges. Https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Obergefell_v._Hodges
Starfleet says2017-01-28T01:51:07.9024216Z
Kescarte_DeJudica, Wikipedia isn't a reliable source of information, as anyone can change the information on there. Please provide more credible sources, if you wish your argument to come off as credible.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-28T03:10:48.7521632Z
@Starfleet: Though I often have heard that, I've yet to see many cases where this was so. No matter though, I can provide alternate sources. Https://dreamersact.Wordpress.Com/2011/11/30/history-dream-act/ https://www.Supremecourt.Gov/opinions/14pdf/14-556_3204.Pdf
Starfleet says2017-01-28T06:47:05.9863435Z
Kescarte_DeJudica , I copied and pasted that link into my browser, and it lead to a dead end. It said that it couldn't find the article that you wanted me to see. What I was referring to when I said "credible sources", I meant WhiteHouse.Gov. Or congress.Gov, or I would even take a link to the supreme court, that lead to records that add to the credibility of what you're saying. If this was a case brought before any jury or judge, your case wouldn't be given much consideration, and probably be thrown out. If you want others to take your statements seriously, please go to some of the websites I pointed out in this response. I'll do more research on my end to prove my point. I hope you do the same.
Edlvsjd says2017-01-28T06:51:55.7097632Z
This has all been planned, the world is a stage. You don't get a say so anymore. We are the butt of the joke. Https://pbs.Twimg.Com/media/CPv2VBuWUAEsIQI.Jpg
Starfleet says2017-01-28T06:57:51.9043435Z
Edlvsjd , just like your colleague, Kescarte_DeJudica , the link that you provided, lead to a dead end. I don't know where you guys are getting your links from, but wikipedia, twitter, and other social media don't seem like very credible sources to back up your statements.
Starfleet says2017-01-28T07:10:04.0279435Z
Kescarte_DeJudica , the following is a link to a BBC article that came out in 2015. I reviewed that article for any proof that may prove me wrong, but I didn't find anything to support the claim that he didn't help pass it into law. Enjoy:). <http://www.Bbc.Com/news/world-us-canada-33290341>.
Starfleet says2017-01-28T07:11:22.8547435Z
ChadIrvin says2017-01-28T14:03:51.3713036Z
He would need a reason to be impeached and there is no reason for it. If Obama was never impeached for his many, many illegal infractions, then it stands to reason that Trump wouldn't.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-28T20:39:09.6968037Z
@Starfleet: In courts here in America, things work on the premise of "innocent until proven guilty". That generally goes for sources too. A source is assumed credible until proven otherwise. Concerning the Dream Act, I went to Congress.Gov and typed "dream act" into the search bar. I received 795 results for various bills, none of which appeared to be past into law. I tested the links I included in my last comment, they appear to work fine, which one is not working for you? Also, regarding your post on the Supreme Court ruling, I found plenty of evidence that he didn't pass it into law. First off, there was never a bill presented to him to legalize homosexual marriage. He never issued an executive order legalizing it. All that happened was it was made legal by the court based on the interpretation of the current law, not on a new law. It would appear then that the court deserves the credit for this, not the president.
Starfleet says2017-01-28T23:07:11.6952440Z
Where do you get your idea that sources are "credible" until proven otherwise? Sources that are used as credibility boosters don't fall under the same protection. It is the responsibility of the person using them to show their credibility. Regarding your comments about you finding many sources saying that he didn't help with the Dream Act or the legalization of gay marriage, I think that the reason you din't find anything as law regarding either of those pieces of legislation because they were passed into law via Executive Order, which happened after so long of him trying to go through the regular channels.
Starfleet says2017-01-28T23:22:20.6916440Z
<https://obamawhitehouse.Archives.Gov/the-press-office/2016/06/09/fact-sheet-obama-administrations-record-and-lgbt-community>. This is a link to a credible source from the time that Obama was President. It is not a direct link to him passing anything of what I've said, but it does support the claim that I made regarding him being a key player in moving gay marriage into it being legal.
VulpeLegatus says2017-01-28T23:48:23.6244440Z
@Starfleet @Kescarte_DeJudica You should both really take this to an actual debate, a closed one between the both of you.
Starfleet says2017-01-29T00:03:38.8920440Z
VulpeLegatus , that would normally be a good idea, but everyone on here need to know how closed-minded Kescarte_DeJudica , is.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-29T00:44:38.4816440Z
@VulpeLegatus: You are probably right, though I think a forum would more properly serve the purpose of the matter at hand. @Starfleet: It seems rather counter-progressive to argue with someone that they need to present credible sources to back up their claims, and then proceed to attack the same person with petty insults without presenting credible sources to back up the claims. Also, as I have previously said, Obama certainly did support legalizing homosexual marriage, but he could not have been a "key player" in legalizing it because he was not on the Supreme Court. And there was no executive order legalizing homosexual marriage. And if you are sure the Dream Act was passed by executive order, could you please give a credible source showing so? I've given some saying that it has not been passed, and credible or foggy, I have at least presented sources that back up my claims
Starfleet says2017-01-29T01:09:11.5740440Z
I did provide a credible source in my last post.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-29T01:30:21.5544440Z
@Starfleet: It may have been credible, but it didn't support your argument concerning homosexual marriage, nor did it prove that I am close-minded.
Starfleet says2017-01-29T07:26:34.1430177Z
Kescarte_DeJudica, I know that it doesn't, but if you noticed that after I said that he signed legislation to pass gay marriage, and the Dream Act, I said "even if he wasn't directly responsible for those things, without such a staunch supporter, I don't think any of those things would've gotten to the points that they did". I remember the two presidents before him, but I don't recall either of them being such a staunch advocate for the betterment of others' lives like Barack Obama was. Through his speeches and actions, anyone who watched him got the feeling that even if he didn't agree with someone's perspective, he still was respectful enough not to blow up like the idiot Trump who has no place being in the White House. Regarding my statement about you being "close-minded", what I meant is your seeming lack of empathy and open-mindedness for assimilating new perspectives into your way of thinking.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-29T19:20:38.0095244Z
@Starfleet: This discussion started when I asked you to point out something Obama did during his terms in office to help better the country. By that I meant something through which he used the power of his office. Sure, being a staunch supporter can be helpful, but you don't need to be President to be that. Thus far, you've only mentioned the Dream Act and the Obergefall vs Hodges case, both of which it appears Obama did not have an impact on with his power of office. Do you have any other examples of how he might have helped the country? Because I can give you several examples of how Donald Trump has helped the country already and he has only been in office for one week.
Starfleet says2017-01-30T09:25:31.4683849Z
Kescarte_DeJudica, I'm going to provide several examples of how he helped the country while he was president. The difference between this post and others I've posted on here, I am simply going to be providing links to different articles that prove my point that he was a great boon to this country. The first few links are regarding the economy, then foreign relations, and social progress. *** The Economy: *<https://www.Thebalance.Com/job-creation-by-president-by-number-and-percent-3863218> *<http://www.Usatoday.Com/story/money/2017/01/19/obama-good-jobs-president/96777976>(Note: There are some dissenting voices in this article, I agree, but most of the people that they interviewed for this article note that given the situation, President Obama did a good job in helping the economy). *<http://www.Businessinsider.Com/obama-jobs-report-labor-market-participation-rate-2017-1/#overall-obama-took-over-a-jobs-market-in-crisis-and-ended-up-growing-the-labor-market-better-than-most-of-the-modern-us-presidents-7> ***Foreign Relations: *<http://www.Worldpolicy.Org/blog/2016/01/12/obamas-success-foreign-policy> *<http://www.Alternet.Org/what-people-around-world-think-america-after-trumps-bewildering-rise>(Note: this isn't exactly about President Obama's foreign policy, but it is an interesting read that points out how ill others think of Trump). *<http://cenaa.Org/analysis/american-foreign-and-security-policy-under-barack-obama-change-and-continuity/(Note: I apologize for the lengthiness, but it shows how complicated foreign relations are, and how despite this, the world has improved a bit, and how President Obama thought things through, not go into them blindly like idiot Trump has done since he took office). *** Social Progress: *<https://obamawhitehouse.Archives.Gov/the-press-office/2016/06/09/fact-sheet-obama-administrations-record-and-lgbt-community>. *<http://www.Inquiriesjournal.Com/articles/992/3/womens-issues-in-the-obama-era-expanding-equality-and-social-opportunity-under-the-obama-administration>. *<http://www.Cnsnews.Com/news/article/cnsnewscom-staff/white-house-lists-same-sex-marriage-top-obama-achievement-social>. Special Note: I want to thank you for being so civil about this, but I hope that this general overview of some of the positive changes he made while President, shows you that he was and forever will be one of the most influential presidents in the U.S.' history.
Kescarte_DeJudica says2017-01-31T01:24:06.1147518Z
@Starfleet: Since my response to your last post is rather lengthy (and to grant VulpeLagatus's request that we move our dicussion elsewhere), I presented my answer in the following forum: http://www.Debate.Org/forums/politics/topic/97514/

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