• Yes he will

  • No he won't

36% 15 votes
64% 27 votes
  • Donald Trump is A Fascist, his statements and opinions about Muslims are extremist, He is against the Mexicans. This man isnot experienced in Legislation or being a senator a politician can bring you laws and reforms but a business man can not. Thank you

  • Trump is a clown. No doubt the politics has become very ugly but Trump is not an answer. When you ave flu, you don't take poison to feel better. Yes, this clown is poisonous!

  • He is a overrated candidate with no experience in governing. He has unrealistic solutions and has literally insulted his way into the position he is now. We should be spending billions on education and health care not on building a wall.

  • Aside from the sexist, racist, xenophobia, and islamophobia being against everything this nation does and should stand for. And also ignoring for a moment his lack of political experience, inconsistent positions throughout the years, pro-torture stance, Obama-bashing rhetoric, and Christian pandering. And lets for a moment only focus on the systemic problem with Republican voters in America choosing candidates that don't have their interests at heart. If you really want to understand how Trump feels about the poor (i.e. anyway with less money for lawyers than him), there is a BBC documentary called "You've been Trumped" that will provide you with a better understanding of his views towards those in the GOP base.

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