Will everyone be mixed race in the future?

Posted by: Zambos

I want to know your opinions Please comment!!Also don't give answers like we are one race.

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Zambos says2015-04-16T16:02:47.4426491-05:00
Well if a minority of relationships are mixed why would we all be mixed in the future?
Episteme says2015-04-16T17:23:15.8214952-05:00
The term 'race' is a social classification. It means that it's a man made term. To designate oneself as being part of a certain race is sometimes an individual choice - not one that is placed upon you necessarily. (Sometimes race is based on the colour of a person's skin - so someone who is black is a social classification that others have placed on them and it isn't necessarily a personal choice.) In this sense - asking a question like, 'Will everyone be mixed race in the future?' is a bit odd because in the future some will probably consider themselves of multiple races and others will continue to consider themselves of a single race. In the sense of bloodlines - we're not really of any race at all. We are of different ethnic backgrounds (since they're individual social choices), but not necessarily of different races.
Episteme says2015-04-16T17:23:53.5150619-05:00
My point is, race isn't a biological term whatsoever.
Reeseroni says2015-04-16T17:26:02.7007765-05:00
We are one race
Zambos says2015-04-16T17:54:03.7344264-05:00
I know know race isnt real stuff
Nuzlocke4 says2015-04-16T17:57:01.1030154-05:00
I am technically half south-east Asian and half Caucasian, but to be honest I dislike heritage pride and reject this. I believe that the only race on Earth is the human race, and that race something created by society. Furthermore, the definitions of race classifications have changed through out history, and no doubt will change in the future.
Zambos says2015-04-16T19:18:38.6756295-05:00
Why would you hate heritage pride thats like saying you hate your ansesters from coming from different places

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