Will globalzation create one race and one culture? Why or Why not?

Posted by: Zambos

I dont think so i feel that if things became that dire that there would be prservation efforts of both race and culture

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briantheliberal says2015-05-10T19:32:08.3914127-05:00
Stop with this poll, you posted it at least 10 times in the last month!
Zambos says2015-05-10T19:38:11.1928346-05:00
I mainly talking about the one culture part this time though
Zambos says2015-05-10T19:39:02.1216648-05:00
I want to know what other people think on what globalization can do
TheMarquis says2015-05-10T20:31:35.1854324-05:00
People will always have race and culture. We may have fewer races and cultures, and some may die, but new of both will always come just by people living in groups that are not near other groups. The same goes for language.
Zambos says2015-05-10T20:44:53.0698964-05:00
@the themarquis how could that happen if the world is all connected like now
TheMarquis says2015-05-10T22:09:47.7304491-05:00
@Zambos: I still spend more time with people in my area than I do with my bestie in Pakistan. I don't think we'll ever be globalized to the point where that isn't true for the majority of people.
Zambos says2015-05-11T15:07:48.2181497-05:00
If race was created through evolution would the same happen
heil84 says2015-05-11T16:09:33.1244022-05:00
Destroy the lower races

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