Will Hillary Clinton become the Next President?

Posted by: bsh1

"Will," not "should," she be the next president?

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TBR says2015-04-13T20:14:29.4292300-05:00
Even though I want another democratic, she will most likely get the nomination, and will most likely win.
bsh1 says2015-04-13T20:15:15.9238801-05:00
Martin O'Malley's cool...But I think Hillary stands the best shot not only at winning the nomination, but also the White House.
TBR says2015-04-13T20:18:27.1374586-05:00
I don't doubt it. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are just wishes. Not happening this time around.
bsh1 says2015-04-13T20:19:37.6169032-05:00
Both of them are too old to run again in 2020 (if Hillary doesn't win this time) and esp. In 2024.
TBR says2015-04-13T20:22:48.1048399-05:00
The most positive aspect of this inevitability is, she will not have to deal with clown car effect the GOP is heading towards yet again. They are going to spend months out doing each other denying climate change, and making silly remarks about women.
bsh1 says2015-04-13T20:28:42.0954212-05:00
Lol...Yes. So true.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-16T12:15:38.2757235-05:00
"she will not have to deal with clown car effect the GOP is heading towards yet again." Repubs put more candidates out there and put the choice to the people ... Dems put up one and let the nominees make the decision by choosing not to run, effectively deciding amongst themselves who they are going to allow you to vote for. I don't see the benefit to *not* running the gamut.

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