Will humanity and technology eventually destroy the world?

Posted by: ClaraBains

  • Yes, humanity and technology will eventually destroy the world

  • No, this can never happen.

66% 19 votes
34% 10 votes
  • It's possible but it's not inevitable and doesn't have to happen.

  • There will always be the bigger state but there will always be restrictions to prevent people "blowing the world up."

  • We already have the military capability, to end the world, we have had it through most of the cold war till now and we are still here. It is highly unlikely that some one stupid enough to end the world will ever be placed in a position of power to do so.

  • possible... but can be prevented!

    Posted by: anish
  • just like last guy said possible but preventable thanks to science and the techonology we'll have

  • We will certainly destroy ourselves well before the rest of the earth, granted we even reach that point, which is unlikely. If destroy means killing all other life, then certainly not for that is absolutely impossible for humans to kill all other life, the worst we can do is create an evolutionary bottleneck that would result in new species more capable of coping with human expansion. Every nook and cranny of every inch of this world is crawling with life most of which has probably not yet been discovered. Various archaea and bacteria are capable of tolerating far more hostile conditions than humans can produce on a worldwide scale whereas humans are very weak.

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el_em_en_oh says2014-04-10T12:57:45.0022174-05:00
We are so insignificant and infinitesimally small when compared to the scale of the planet earth, that it'd be pompous of us to think that we could somehow destroy the planet itself. Civilization as we know it may go bye-bye, but the planet will repair and keep on trucking, without so much as flinching. We've been around for 10,000 years. The earth is 4.6 BILLION years old. Human's don't matter on a planetary scale.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-10T13:24:26.5480420-05:00
Then there is Global Warming. Humanity has the power to change environments and move mountains.

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