Will Leicester win the Premier League Title?

Posted by: literal_zero

With the recent luck that the foxes have had in the Premier League, would you agree that they may be victorious this year?

  • Leicester City F.C. Go Foxes!!!

  • Failure for Leicester

43% 6 votes
57% 8 votes
  • Ohhhh yeah, Leicester are gonna win

  • I personally believe they will win it ive been a leicester fan for over 10 minutes and i see potential in leonardo ulloa. Ive heard rumours from a good source that ronaldo has expressed his feelings on a move to the best team in the world and aslo messi is quite keen on the move. Id hate to be a tottenham fan because theyre a bunch of wastemen. Thankyou for reading this i am supposed to be doing school work but who cares about education.

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