Will many "Yes" voters in the Scottish independence referendum vote more based upon patriotic pride, than actual facts?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

This is not a Scotland bashing poll, and in fact I do believe Scotland can afford independence more or less. However, I do wonder if many "Yes" voters really consider that, or whether they merely vote due to pride, and just because they do not want to be "British" or associated with England. It's no secret that many Scots feel resentment against England, and vise versa (which is sad in my opinion).

  • Yes

  • No

91% 10 votes
9% 1 votes
  • It is looking that way with the younger generation but their parents might out vote them. Let's see if Mel says anything stupid as we get nearer.

  • Pride can kick you in the backside. Most people learn that lesson the hard way. The younger Scots seem driven by it. The older ones, I suspect, will vote with facts in mind. And I suspect they will outnumber the younger voters.

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