Will re-regulating Wall Street help fix our economy? Will shrinking the power of our financial businesses fix our economy?

Posted by: Dishoungh

I don't know if they already even done this. If they already did, I don't think they did a good job of trying.

  • Yes, that will work

  • No, that will fail

69% 9 votes
31% 4 votes
  • Regulations will protect our economy. They always have. If you look at the recessions & depressions in our country's history, almost all can be traced to Wall Street running amuck. The only exception, I can think of, was the worst depression (in the 1800's) that came 1 short year after the national debt was paid-off by Andrew Jackson. Money was flowing excessively with no plan for dealing with the huge surplus. A lot of it was returned to states, but the economy just collapsed.

  • Have you seen the Wolf of Wall Street? It's a (mostly) true story and stuff like that---the taking advantage of the underprivileged---happens all the time. Research those payday loan places, they charge something like a 300% percent interest rate and get away with it. It's utterly disgusting.

  • The history of this nation is one of risk and reward. Our Founding Fathers took major risks to journey to an unknown land and launch an unprecedented experiment in human freedom and create the United States of America. Generations of patriots have risked everything in defense of this experiment. These roots of freedom have grown into the most dynamic economy in the history of the world. The pattern of American prosperity has held true throughout our nation's history. Just like our founders, entrepreneurs have taken risks, going into uncharted territory to launch new enterprises—and their success has fueled the American Dream. The free enterprise system is the foundation of the American Dream and I fear it's slipping away. Indeed, judging from the rhetoric of some in the political class, it seems that instead of celebrating success, we're now more likely to demonize it. But while vilifying the rich and advocating for hiking taxes on job creators may seem like good short-term political strategy, it's not a long-term vision for growth. The reality is that small business owners are facing a regulatory onslaught from Washington unlike any in recent memory. Government overreach is impeding the engine of economic growth and the uncertainty that comes from political gridlock and partisanship surrounding tax and regulatory reform certainly doesn't make it any easier. Business leaders are rising up to call attention to the fact that government policies are adversely impacting their ability to expand and hire. And contrary to popular belief amongst government regulators, the majority of the American people are with the business leaders on this one. A recent CivicScience/Job Creators Alliance poll found that 54 percent of Americans support reforming particular government policies if successful business leaders said it was preventing them from creating jobs, while only 16 percent of Americans would be less likely to agree. This is consistent with a March Job Creators Alliance/YouGov poll that found a majority of Americans felt a great deal of sympathy for employers who protest burdensome regulations and taxes.

  • Yet another anti-free market misconception. The language used in this topic implies that Wall Street has been deregulated. The reality is that regulation in finance has been increasing since the days of the founding fathers and finance is actually the most regulated industry in America and is also the most dysfunctional. The electronics industry on the other hand is the least regulated and functions almost perfectly. Look at your empirics and then see which one works, more or less government intervention.

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Dishoungh says2014-05-03T15:32:03.6667129-05:00
Wall Street needs to be re-regulated.
Venusara says2014-05-03T16:15:45.6679129-05:00
*correction, payday loan places screw the poor by loaning them money at up to 900% APR.
Dishoungh says2014-05-03T16:52:55.1731129-05:00
@Venusara Guess what? Those same people who were part of the cause of the 2008 recession are working in our government right now. As a matter of fact, they were already running our government to begin with. The government does not control the economy. Wall Street does. Wall Street controls so much of the United States, it's unbelievable. It's a complete and utter mess. Wall Street is corrupt and if we don't fight them, our economy will continue to decline. They're f-ing it up, and they already f-ed it up.
Venusara says2014-05-03T18:24:46.0447129-05:00
^^well yes, I am absolutely agreeing with you.
Venusara says2014-05-03T18:29:59.7572503-05:00
It's not *only* Wall Street though, many billions have been made through smaller Wall Street esque scams. AKA payday loans. It's a huge problem.
Dishoungh says2014-05-03T19:16:29.0736520-05:00
What I find weird is, I'm a 15-year old boy who's basically ignorant about a lot of things of what's going on in our society. I'm a 15-year old boy who just found out what happened about the 2008 recession yesterday. I'm a 15-year old boy who doesn't even care about the government for some reason. Yet, it seems as though I'm more aware of the flaws, the deficiency, the bone-headedness of Wall Street and other problems than these clowns. I'm just sitting here looking at this video, and it seems as though some of these "top economists" have no idea what's going on. Look at this. Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=5nCvO6qEbJw
Matthew437 says2014-05-04T01:41:39.7808059-05:00
Our economy has done nothing but thrive while regulations are light and stall after or during times of tight or tightening regulations. Some may argue that tightening follows times of loose regulations which led to economic turmoil. This may hold merit but as always, less regulations boost economies, tighter regulations tend to slow down growth. (Use fed guidelines on monetary policy to compare, lower interest rates leads to economic growth which also comes with a negative, inflation. Tightening interest rates leads to slowing economy and or deflation. Goes hand and hand pretty much..
Dishoungh says2014-05-07T15:12:38.2237499-05:00
@jarends That entire premise literally has nothing to do with Wall Street and their corrupt power.

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