Will Religion gradually obsolete itself?

Posted by: Fight4Liberty

(Never exist)

  • Yes, Religion will gradually obsolete itself.

  • No, Religion will not gradually obsolete itself.

60% 21 votes
40% 14 votes
  • Oh fake god I hope so!

  • People are becoming gradually more intelligent and accepting of facts and logic. When people finally come around to it, I will happily great them with, "Welcome to the club, we're glad you're here."

    Posted by: cdc210
  • Religion is slowly fading. Over time the numbers following religions will become insignificant which I think classes it as obsolete. Not everyone needs to stop following a religion for it to be obsolete.

  • People are becoming more rational thinkers every day. Sure, Christianity is still the dominant religion in America, but the number of Christians in America grows smaller every day. Soon enough, logic will triumph over fantasy and religion may cease to exist.

  • There will be a time when everyone will acknowledge God's glory and authority and bow down to Him in awe.

  • religion will always exist, but I think it will turn into more of a comfort blanket for the unknown of death and function as a consious for those who aren't inherently born with one. but religion today will certianly be obsolete within the next two decades, as will people using religion to make money and get away with crime. at least I hope that is what will happen.

  • Religion as it is now may eventually dissipate, but it will always be around in some form or another.

  • People thought that radio would go away. The Tokugawa Shogunate tried to eliminate Christianity in Japan but through all does centuries it continued in Japan and still does today.

  • No, and not because I am a religious believer. Humans are remarkably stubborn. Is the number of people with faith gonna go down? Absolutely, it's decreasing now. More and more youth will turn away as more evidence to the contrary emerges. But will it become obsolete? No. People even now believe things that are supposedly obsolete ('natural' cures and remedies, certain faith healing practices). As long as it's comforting or rooted in tradition and allows people to feel like they belong they will not abandon it.

    Posted by: Lexsom
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