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FearTheBeard1 says2014-04-18T09:48:04.3839624-05:00
"USSR" President Putin is overcompensating for something.... Russia is only testing the waters while land grabbing. Russia has been lying from the start of attacking Georgia and now Ukraine. Putin has a second class grunt force and a 3rd class Navy. If they want to go toe to toe with America.....Well.....He has some humbling experiences coming his way. Lets just say that America has some of the best and creative mercenaries in the world. Push comes to shove and Putin is getting a Ricen tipped umbrella point straight in his calf on a crowded street. When you start registering Jews in Ukraine under martial order, well that just reeks of ole boy Hitler all over again. Just 1 week ago they started the registering of Jews in Ukraine....Hmmm... Whats on the horizon here! History repeats itself when not learned from!
Kreakin says2014-04-18T11:47:13.1110592-05:00
The West is looking to contain Russia, look at the Syria and Ukraine situations. It's no coincidence that they are both home to Russian naval bases on the EU side of their border. Russia does not wish to be contained but has a lot of trade & investment to loose and is also not a technologically advanced. That is not to say that older weapons are not effective however...The Russians have long proven to be very creative. Will they start WW3? WW3 is economic I think, it appears it has been running for a while, will it degenerate to a traditional armed conflict I don't know. Will China & N Korea become involved if it does.? I bet that Russia grabs the Ukraine up to Kiev to act as a buffer to the EU along it's border. I don't see the US or EU doing alot about it tbh. There is no oil there.
Nayro says2014-04-21T15:23:11.1783608-05:00
Let's put it this way if ww3 starts russia will start it.
Shadowhuntress says2014-05-03T17:01:08.9157431-05:00
I wouldn't put much past Putin.

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