Will Scotland be richer or poorer with independence?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

There are conflicting figures, the Scottish Government predict that Scots will be £1,000 better off independent from the UK. The UK Treasury however argues that every Scot is £1,400 better off in the Union.

  • Richer

  • Poorer

15% 2 votes
85% 11 votes
  • Scotland can easily "afford"independence, but neither of these figures can be proved. Its more of a case, which one do you think will be more likely? And I think the UK Treasury has this right. In the long term, the oil will decline and I think it is definitely then, that Scotland will be worse off financially. As of current, Scottish people benefit from the Barnett Formula, but only with the exclusion of oil... so although the short term benefits could be great, in the long term, I think the country will be slightly poorer.

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