Will Ted Cruz win 2016

Posted by: Kanye2020

Ted Cruz 3rd in polls but there is 2 behind him and he won the first caucus could he be the next potus

16 Total Votes

No ted will not . Go back to texas

11 votes

Yes he will win and save the us

5 votes
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Hanspete says2016-02-26T01:59:39.2853836Z
Black-Jesus says2016-02-26T03:44:40.9109596Z
False dichotomy
Black-Jesus says2016-02-26T03:47:29.8320908Z
I kinda want him to be if there will be a Republican president, so that we can get liberal birthers who raise hell that Cruz wasn't born in this country and the birthers of Republican party can officially be branded hypocrites for the 100+th time.
triangle.128k says2016-02-26T04:00:20.5148984Z
@Black-Jesus That wouldn't outweigh is awful policies and radical conservative views. Cruz is probably my least favorite candidate in this election.
wesbob says2016-02-26T13:34:56.8987257Z
Down with TRUMP

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