Will the Recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania swing the election toward Clinton?

Posted by: Politics2016

  • Yes.

  • No.

7% 2 votes
93% 25 votes
  • If you see the margin between popular votes and college votes is very wide and this is from the same community of the same state. I am sure the recount will make a difference.

  • they darn well better, or we're gonna have a mad-max themed christmas!

  • Not a chance. It would take a statistical miracle for her to win those THREE states. Gore couldn't even overcome 537 in Florida.

  • It's exceedingly unlikely. There would have to be some tremendous amount of corruption going on in all 3 states for this to swing the election in her favor, and much as that's possible, it would be almost unprecedented. The amount of political fallout that would ensue would leave the presidency in turmoil for months.

  • No, she lost, and there will be no recount, Jill Stein is just scamming you out of money

  • She lost. Liberals just need to accept it. It is as simple as that.

  • I support the recount, but I doubt it will change the overall outcome. The impact will likely be reforms to the election process for future elections.

  • Waste of time and money. Jill Stein just took the word of Hillary supporters who had no evidence. If no fraud took place between Nov 8 and now, for the purpose of changing the outcome, then at least in the recount maybe they will discover how many votes Hillary recieved from dead people, illegal immigrants, underage and multi-time voters.

  • The margin of error is too wide here. Plus the people who man the polls take their jobs very seriously. If there was an error in ballot counts then it will be very slight. Michigan doesn't even use electronic voting machines thus there is no hacking at all there. The fact that Hillary is now joining this though leads me to suspicion that Soros and the dirty tricks department of the Dems may swindle this thing to end up in the courts. The votes as counted on election night will stand - history shows us that. The slimy Clintons and who knows what they have done is another story.

  • I counted the popular vote in each state, and applied that as the electoral vote for each state, and Trump only got 3 electoral votes less. The only reasons Clinton won the pop. vote are the following. Dead people, illegals, and California. So shut up, whiney snowflakes.

  • Extremely unlikely. The only way it will have a big effect is if they find so much fraud that it calls the entire vote count into question. To anyone who believes that Democrats committed fraud, you're an idiot. There is ZERO evidence that there was any fraud on the side of the Dems this year, and there is already decent evidence that the Republicans did, given how off post-vote polls were. If you've bought into the idea that the left committed fraud, then you've bought into propagandist scumbags like conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Their tactic is literally to project everything they're guilty of. They called Clinton "unqualified" when Trump is the least qualified candidate of all time with ZERO experience, while Clinton has spent her whole adult life in government. They focused on Bill Clinton's infidelity when Trump's history of sexual violence came out. Trump is a tool, and so are you.

    Posted by: brycef
  • no, the recount is a scam by Jill Stein ways to prove that it is a scam, first Michigan is only paper ballots, while Jill says their could of been hacking of the voting machines, while there were no voting machines used in one of the states for the recount, also all the paper ballots in pennsylvania have been recounted already and the deadline for a recount has already expired, so giving money Jill is foolish ans is only making her richer.

  • I think I would actually help Trump, because if the election is rigged, you know it's going to be in favor of Hillary.

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ZenekPr0 says2016-11-26T19:32:21.7516938Z
It's a wrong question, why would you even recount them?
Politics2016 says2016-11-26T23:25:59.6743125Z
@ZenekPr0, Exactly. The only one worth possibly maybe recounting is Michigan (since the margin of victory was less than 0.5%), but Trump doesn't need Michigan.
Mharman says2016-11-28T17:55:57.4909536Z
@brycef: The govt. Controls the voting process, and since the Dems are in charge, they don't count illegals voting as fraud. Not to mention that it's a fact. The Dems did in fact register dead people as Hillary voters.
Politics2016 says2016-11-28T23:48:45.1448419Z
@brycef, Trump's accusers were debunked. If you're going to believe debunked accusations, then you better believe that Slick Willie is a serial rapist. And thanks for calling me a tool, jack*ss.
Mharman says2016-11-29T01:38:41.6210798Z
@brycef: So, I'm apparently an idiotic, propagandist, scumbag tool by your definition. Thanks, ***hole.

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