Will the world become one culture, one race, and one goverment?

Posted by: Zambos

I feel like we wont because people love their culture and their race and want to keep it. Please Comment your thoughts!!!

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Zambos says2015-04-13T21:12:59.6893237-05:00
I would never want the world to be that unified whats wrong with individuality of nations and peoples
yahuaa says2015-04-13T21:18:36.1271291-05:00
Nothing. Nothing's wrong with unity and teamwork either. I think we can accomplish a lot more unified, but in a non-totalitarian type of way. We might already have bots if we weren't so akin to war with one another. 50+ years before I can haz nifty bot-bots
yahuaa says2015-04-18T03:40:00.2256078-05:00
Props to the Yes vote. You optimistic chaps make me happy every once and a while. Makes me want to support your dreams. ^^

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