Will the youth of today embrace conservatism?

Posted by: Redspectre

Obama is doing a terrible job. And we are all ready seeing a shift from democrats to republicans. More and More People everyday are becoming republicans because the democrat party has failed. The only ones that stay democrats are hippies, gays and people that dont want to work

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SweetTea says2014-08-14T16:05:12.2420687-05:00
You are dreaming, hon. My kids were active College Republicans. One is now an Independent. The other is a Democrat. Just thinking of the 35 & under crowd in my extended family ... I can only name 2 Republicans. Http://www.Cnn.Com/2014/03/11/opinion/frum-millennials-survey/
YamaVonKarma says2014-08-14T16:06:30.3980687-05:00
.. What about all the worse mistakes that were in office? If I recall, Bush was the one who sent us to war and started spying on us.
Redspectre says2014-08-14T16:07:03.1563218-05:00
Even democrats are frustrated with Obama. Its only a matter of time before the majority of americans are republicans
YamaVonKarma says2014-08-14T16:08:59.8452742-05:00
We're frustrated with both parties in general. We don't need or want a bunch of rich people deciding things for the rest of us.
1814Username says2014-08-14T16:12:08.3268897-05:00
Who are we kidding. Bush lied about 9/11 and this will come out soon. Conservatives are hypocrites. But really, liberals are just as bad. Bush and Obama are one in the same when you think of it. Nothing really has changed in 16 years. Nothing. Your best bet is to be neither liberal or conservative. The less you think about politics the happier you will be. They are all crooks anyway. We know of four major financing scandals. The Pentagon lost 2.3 trillion, the FED 9 trillion, the office of transparency lost 619 billion, and on 9/11 670 billion in gold went missing. One republican and one democrat presided over all of this. The people are stupid and don't realize it doesn't matter who is in office. Yeah but giving people more in food stamps seems to be a problem for those in power. Never mind the 12 TRILLION that went missing.
discomfiting says2014-08-14T16:15:20.9150939-05:00
The Youth I see most commonly is the Youth that supports more Democratic ideals than Republican ones but is mad at both parties for being sell out catastrophes for corporate agendas.
Shadow-Dragon says2014-08-14T16:16:31.8340577-05:00
What's wrong with spying on us? Is a freakin' call to our family really of that much privacy that someone can't search for key words? In case you didn't know, that's how they do it. They don't just come onto our phone calls and listen in. If their database recognizes key words that are dangerous like: "kill...The president", they will track the rest of the call to make sure nothing bad is happening.
1814Username says2014-08-14T16:17:27.0279191-05:00
Dream on redspectre. The older you get the more you realize republicans are full of crap. WMD's --- remember those? Went to war over that --- twice and guess what --- we will be going over there again soon. Then again, Obama is some crap too.
Kaiser100 says2014-08-14T16:18:00.8181689-05:00
YamaVonKarma: I agree Bush was bad, but Obama is worse by violating the constitution multiple times. And if I'm not mistaken in 2011 Obama renewed the "Patriot act" and he's sending troops back to Iraq.
Redspectre says2014-08-14T16:18:53.0703201-05:00
Bush never spied on us and Bush also didn't withdraw the troops from Iraq. He also didn't cause Benghazi and hes not the one that shutdown the government for 2 weeks. All bush did was defend this country and people hate him because he was a white republican
Redspectre says2014-08-14T16:19:24.2545640-05:00
Seriously bush might as well be the best president since Reagan
YamaVonKarma says2014-08-14T16:30:01.5618492-05:00
... Bush started the war. It is hypocritical to call Obama out on renewing it when Bush is the reason it is going on. Same for the patriot act. Bush did spy on all Muslim Americans... Of which was based on speculation. He also built Guantanamo bay.
debate_power says2014-08-14T16:43:04.3594826-05:00
Agree with @discomfiting. We need to realize who the true enemy is here. The corporations.
Zylorarchy says2014-08-14T17:01:14.4460454-05:00
Whether in the US, or otherwise... Conservatives tend to be old fashioned, and support traditional legislation, keeping things the way they are. To me, it seems that the middle ages/older people seem to support more Conservative ideals, where as the youth support the more left wing, liberal/democrat ideals. Take Europe for example. In Britain much of the population is very anti-EU, and yet the youth are actually pro-European. And if you didn't know, guess which parties are pro and anti Europe? (Conservatives are anti just in case).
1814Username says2014-08-14T17:03:47.0637803-05:00
No. The true enemy is the government and the corporations. They are one in the same. The corporations do not make the NSA run facial recognition on every camera linked to the internet in America. America is only fooling themselves and has been doing so since 9/11. None of what is happening in America has anything to do with terrorists. It is all about the American people. Look at all the high value targets in America that are not even guarded. Yet, no terrorist attacks, but oddly, every terrorist attack coincides with a government drill. Coincidence? Possibly, but not likely. America is becoming a police state. The middle class is decimated. The poor are getting pissed off. America is in rapid decline. Only 62% of adults are working. The rich and those in power know this and they are putting in safeguards to suppress the masses. What do you think the Boston Bombing martial law was? It was a dry run.
Zylorarchy says2014-08-14T17:03:53.9026281-05:00
To expand on what I said, nearly every single European was against having Mitt Romney as president, and I think there tends to be a strong dislike for Republicans in general. I know it doesn't necessary matter what other countries think about the US government, but to Europe at least, Mitt Romney would have meant (or appeared to have meant to us Europeans), having an America which only wants to declare war on other countries all the time, and attempt to police the world.
1814Username says2014-08-14T17:34:36.4637450-05:00
Americans aren't stupid. Most know 9/11 is some BS. Bush did this and people will not forget...Ever.
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-14T18:29:31.6617999-05:00
If you're going to blame Bush for all our problems, at least don't blame him for 9/11. If you do, then I guess that I might as well claim that Obama caused the Sandy Hook shooting.
Haroush says2014-08-14T19:38:50.9722086-05:00
Lol @ Logical Lunatic
Haroush says2014-08-14T19:40:22.4038086-05:00
I think we should start blaming Obama for the Sandy Hook shooting as dirty the politics are today.
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-14T19:41:29.8114086-05:00
Actually, there's a surprisingly compelling case for the shooting being an elaborate hoax.
Haroush says2014-08-14T19:50:57.4010842-05:00
Hmmm.. I knew it! Obama did it! I knew he was a secret KGB agent having a gay relationship with Medvedev!
ben671176 says2014-08-14T21:25:38.6054042-05:00
If I was The President, I would Nuke North Korea like no tomorrow.
Formerland1 says2014-08-15T00:27:39.9468685-05:00
People say youth referring to millennials all the time it makes me so mad . Digital generation is the youth. Based on surveys I've carried out generation Z is mainly centrist leaning conservative .
SweetTea says2014-08-15T03:32:59.2790977-05:00
Redspectre ... NSA began spying on Americans under Bush! As for our troops ... BUSH SHOULDN'T HAVE SENT THEM TO IRAQ! You need to stop drinking the Red Kool-Aid! Educate yourself & THINK! Https://www.Eff.Org/nsa-spying/timeline
CountCheechula says2014-08-15T21:12:48.5735419-05:00
Who ever made this is obviously a republican.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-08-16T22:27:39.1448000-05:00
Whoever says yes to this is foolish.. So foolish.. The youth in America have high unemployment rates, poor, in debt, and not very religious.. The Right Wing parties call people on welfare " thieves and lazy ". Considering the main voters to the Republican party is white, old, religious people.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-08-16T22:30:36.3920000-05:00
For one, the youth is more open to Gay Marriage. Another is considering the high unemployment rates, poverty, and debt I doubt they very much approve of the Right Wing Agenda in the first place! When Right Wing party members go around saying " God wanted you to be raped " or " Welfare are for the lazy " it damages their image to the youth! Its a great thing the old are dying, along with their backwards ideologies. I'm sure the youth are sick of not being able to get good educations, or trying to get along with the horrible system we call medical care in this country! .. Oof, I am getting a little passionate..
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-17T12:08:31.3768337-05:00
Heh. Now I'm feeling a little bit angry from Comrade Silly Otter's comments. Well, I've just got this to say about education: our education system has been increasingly Liberal for about 100 years. Now American schools are lagging behind those of other nations. But back then in the ultra-conservative days (that is, the colonial era America), American students were among the world's highest. The literacy rate was nearly 100% by the era of the American Revolution.
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-17T12:09:02.2263316-05:00
So please, do not blame Conservatives for the failure of Progressive Education.
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-17T12:13:56.5650872-05:00
But you're right about Young Americans embracing Liberalism and turning from Conservatism.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-08-17T12:18:06.8250998-05:00
The literacy rate is still just about 100%. Thanks to the education system we do have. But when college is as expensive as it is, its hard for the " Middle Class " to get college education. Then, not even to get guaranteed a job with the expense makes it hard on the youth. How is college education getting increasingly Liberal?
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-17T12:28:02.4757544-05:00
In a way, yes, the literacy rate is still high. However, Americans have increasingly poor reading skills, even though technically literate. As for increasingly Liberal education, a Liberal bias is apparent in sex education, and I imagine that "LGBT Awareness Day" (or something with a similar name) will become a part of school curriculum in the near future. Bias of the of curriculum aside, Google "Progressive Education". John Dewey started the movement (I think), and he is considered the an influential figure in establishing modern American education.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-08-17T12:30:50.6157878-05:00
There does need to be more technology in the school system, since the youth are going to be the leaders of the future.
discomfiting says2014-08-17T15:00:38.0208193-05:00
Traditionalism is not being embraced by [the majority of] the youth. Prominent example is same-sex marriage. Traditionalist say one man, one woman yet as time progresses and as newer generations are born the youth are "pro" instead of "con" on same-sex marriage-- even with the republican party. Younger republicans are tending to have a no opinion or pro-opinion on the issue or they simply leave the party and go libertarian. When you look at the last several generations the populous becomes more and more liberal and the conservatives change their ideology to become a little more modern so they don't entirely lose all votes. The millennials (as a generalized population) are not conservative and are not embracing conservative and/or traditionalist values. Every majority youth since 1992 has voted democratic. Yes the youth is frustrated with Obama for breaking promises and not keeping some of his stances like closing down gitmo bay but we're not going to turn republican. If anything we'll just take somebody even more left wing as we've been taking more of a liking to Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders. It's not about if you like or dislike Obama or Bush, agree or disagree with the Patriot Act-- it's about the fact that youth as a whole population within America is not embracing conservative values and conservatives of modern America are even modernizing their views.
discomfiting says2014-08-17T15:16:26.1877031-05:00
1996 presidential election, ages 18-29 voted 53% democratic and 34% republican with 10% perot. 2008 presidental election, ages 18-24 voted 66% democratic versus 32% republican and 2% other. Youth 20 years ago wasn't embracing conservative values and the youth now isn't embracing it either.
Keltron says2014-08-20T23:32:51.9538787-05:00
People hate Bush because he was an empty suit dumbass who got us into an unnecessary war. I voted for Obama, but I'm highly disappointed in him. It's unfortunate that we have to vote against people, or for the lesser of two evils. I voted for Obama the first time because I didn't want to see a war hawk, or god forbid that idiot Palin as pres. I voted for Obama the second time because I didn't want a Mormon predatory capitalist as pres. Also, there is the ideological balance of the Supreme court to consider.

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