• Yes

  • No

86% 32 votes
14% 5 votes
  • While we're going good in terms of violence (we are living through the most peaceful time in human history), there's almost no way there won't be a third world war. If every country ever were to disband their militaries for some reason, then no there wouldn't be a third world war, but while there are militaries it's almost impossible for there not to be

  • Yes if hillary clinton is president

  • Anyone who says otherwise is just plain ignorant.

  • Sure many countries have nukes, and that avoids them from all out war, but countries like North Korea don't care about that. Honestly with how economies are doing, the pollution problem in China, political tensions growing, I wouldn't be surprised if the next world war happens within a livable time-frame.

    Posted by: Fernyx
  • There won't be a Third World War, the Cold War proves it. We all have nukes now. If someone threatens with war just launch a nuke, but then they would launch their's and everyone would die.

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Dol says2016-03-01T17:12:09.1035859Z
If the social norms helps us to progress and crime rate dec reases then there will be no III rd world war but if there is no progress and the world fights for economics and religion then there are high chances of this war but think positive is my solution
friesiangirl says2016-03-01T20:54:11.4329849Z
Hopefully not
Dol says2016-03-02T14:42:39.1836487Z
It may be posssible and people and still have time Lets hope for good
reece says2016-03-02T19:32:47.0431428Z
@Dol We need to force the banksters to give up their jihad against digital currency. With the age of information, comes transparency.
Quadrunner says2016-03-03T15:51:14.3164799Z
In a sense this whole terrorism thing is a very watered down world war. It seems like a significant amount of the countries that fought in WWI and WWII are all united for a single cause against a common threat. I'm sure they didn't have names for the first 2 world wars until after they occurred so it will be interesting to see how history labels our current events. The only reason I see for this not being called WWIII is the uncommon form of our enemy. They aren't a centralized force anymore. They survive by hiding, moving, reforming and attacking where we expect them least. Its like fighting Medusa. There isn't one head to cut off.

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