Will this site ever be fixed?

Posted by: Heterodox

How long will we see duplicate polls because of a "We were unable to save your poll" error?

  • Yes

  • No

0% No votes
100% 19 votes
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PetersSmith says2016-08-25T22:30:40.8434839Z
A site can't be fixed if the owners aren't paying any attention to it.
Heterodox says2016-08-25T22:45:04.2018480Z
@PetersSmith, So, is that a "No"?
Throwback says2016-08-26T01:04:29.8808276Z
No kidding! Not to mention the debates that don't even count because a forfeiture puts in an eternal suspended state.
foxxhajti says2016-08-26T08:26:22.2422308Z
This website is getting worse day by day. You can't even look something up from the search bar without getting an error..
Heterodox says2016-08-26T14:42:28.3881868Z
Is there a better alternative?
Throwback says2016-08-26T14:50:22.5503005Z
I'd like to think so. I've been searching without success. Perhaps another can do better?
Heterodox says2016-08-26T15:12:20.3063476Z
@Throwback, I think most people just use a more general format, like twitter or something, which doesn't really appeal to me.
quackon says2016-09-13T00:28:38.2135003Z
TheRepresented.Com. Its new but waaaay better
quackon says2016-09-13T00:30:09.5988861Z
TheRepresented.Com. It's new but waaaaaay better

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