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karlmarx59 says2016-08-14T02:03:40.8557319Z
No, of course not. He is already laying the foundation by claiming he won't go against the NFL...Knowing the schedule has been out since September of 2015. He is a loud mouthed coward and knows his uneducated white men won't be there to cheer his insidious lying on. He will have to actually KNOW something and that boys and girls ain't gonna' happen. He will fail not only bigly but YUGE. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Sucker.
JimShady says2016-08-14T02:46:59.4111892Z
There's no way to tell for sure, but I can tell you he's not a coward. Anyone who pokes him, he punches in the face. He is not afraid to go after Republican Party leaders, war veterans, or woman. And by going after these three and other kinds of people is really dangerous, making him not a coward. People in the crowd cheering can help win a debate, but what helps more is destroying Clinton, which he is very capable of. Donald Trump, whether you believe it or not, knows stuff. He might be bigheaded on how much he knows, but he's not a complete ignoramus.
foxxhajti says2016-08-14T07:54:59.1091637Z
@karlmarx59, you can't lump all the demographics of his voters as "uneducated white men". According to stats, the percentage of women and men supporting him is relatively similar, even though men do support him a bit more. He also has quite a few of Hispanics backing him up. The demographic of the people that least support him, happens to be that of African Americans, I believe. As a non-American though, I'd say that both candidates are awful, and if I was an American eligible voter, I'd probably be apathetic.
Throwback says2016-08-14T12:53:01.8110552Z
@foxxhajti: maslow is a feigned intelligentsia. The example you pointed out is typical, if not typical of the disciplines it claims to lead (psychology and philosophy). I would really prefer maslow stop offering very poorly articulated opinions as fact.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-14T20:48:57.5195646Z
Foxxhajti:The latest evidence comes from newly released Gallup Poll data: More than three-quarters of Latinos — 77% — view Trump unfavorably, the poll found, compared with just 12% who have a favorable opinion.Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, trailed Clinton by 30 points among white women with a college degree in a Monmouth University poll released Monday. Trump had only 27% of the vote among that segment of the electorate, while Clinton, the Democratic nominee, had 57%.Trump overwhelmingly leads his rivals for support among the less educated, and draws more modest backing from college graduates and those with postgraduate study, according to exit polls conducted for the Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research. I agree with you being a non-American myself, he is .....Is...Well I have used many pejorative terms describing how useless this man is in the capacity for running for US President. I agree I would not only be apathetic, I would be and I am appalled. LOL
karlmarx59 says2016-08-14T20:54:10.3747931Z
Jimshady: Treating the campaign like just another reality show, Trump is quick to say that only he has the right to express himself, with seemingly no care for the fact that protesters and reporters have been set upon at his rallies, dragged out by police, even assaulted, as he slyly stands by and speculates as to whether they might just be enemies of the state. As Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune puts it, “He treasures his right to free expression, but yours is negotiable.” Trump’s authoritarian views on speech are troubling, but there’s another more immediate question about free-speech abuse that has already possibly occurred: Has he crossed the line from protected speech into unprotected incitement to violence? Under the landmark 1969 Supreme Court ruling Brandenberg v. Ohio, even hateful, racist speech is fully protected under the First Amendment—unless, that is, “it is advocacy directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.” By that measure, much of Trump’s worst speech is safe. As contemptible as it is that high schoolers are now chanting “build a wall” at Hispanic students from a rival school, or that third graders in Fairfax County are now pointing out which children will be deported when Trump is elected, it is pretty clear that while he is morally responsible for polluting the discourse, he isn’t on the legal hook for this sort of thing. This does make him a coward and a bully. He may not be a complete ignoramus, but he is a partial one. I believe he is 100% idiot.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-14T21:05:52.8784963Z
Throwback: Is a decorated officer of the law and is well versed in Politics, diplomacy, and psychology. He has a very comprehensive world view and is open to all other's world views and likes discussing fresh new ideologies that broaden his thoughts and ideas to make him a more sophisticated and diverse man. Although not being formally educated, he is a man of experience. He is a spiritual man and has followed the teachings of Christ in his work and life; raising up the poor, disenfranchised, homeless, and needy. Why he even helps troubled youth on to the right track again to live productive lives and to get out of the ghetto! He truly believes in the poem on the Statue of liberty:" "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" He believes the past is inferior to the present. He believes Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policy. It leads the police invariably side with good over evil, right over wrong and the behaviors that lead to success over those that lead to failure. Why? Very simply if nothing is to be recognized as better or worse than anything else then success is de facto unjust. There is no explanation for success if nothing is better than anything else and the greater the success the greater the injustice. Conversely and for the same reason, failure is de facto proof of victimization and the greater the failure, the greater the proof of the victim is, or the greater the victimization.Yes this is the man, the hero, the thinking philosophy of THROWBACK.
Throwback says2016-08-14T21:11:49.8311547Z
@maslow: I don't mean to make this all about me, but why is this all about me? I see you still love me after all our problems.
Throwback says2016-08-14T21:16:22.4307969Z
@maslow: It's hard, isn't it dearest, to admit defeat? Your self respect is larger than your mind.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-14T21:22:06.9643404Z
Ultimately, however, Donald Trump is a coward. Not just for serving himself at the expense of others even as millions of Americans devoted their lives to causes greater than themselves on the battlefield, in the classroom, at the laboratory table and in the civic engagement hall. He is a coward because he cannot face the reality of what he has done with his life before an audience not prepared to idolize him. Most people have core driving principles that inspire them to do great things and struggle onward in the face of adversity. For Trump, those principle are narcissism and hedonism. His stingy and selfish money-grabbing, his womanizing, his media attention-seeking, and now his political party-wrecking are all about making himself feel good and getting the maximum amount of attention for it. If Trump were to ever confess his sins, one could imagine him doing so with jaunty pride like Game of Thrones’ Cersei Lannister wine-boarding a nun: “I did it because it felt good.”
karlmarx59 says2016-08-14T21:29:31.2707885Z
Many Republicans are seal-clapping in anticipation that a religious conservative will actually get to have his views forced upon America. For the rest of us, however, this is a scary prospect. Trump believes marriage to be between one man and one woman, which means he’s openly bigoted against the LGBT community and the rights of same-sex couples. Donald Trump as president sends America’s progress back 50 years! “But Trump is a billionaire businessman,” people scream. True, but a couple of points here. (a) He inherited his wealth from a father who made a name for himself. (b) Most of his money today comes by way of his celebrity, not his business acumen. (c) He has filed bankruptcy multiple times, which means he’s make horrible decisions and has gone broke – more than once. Can America afford bankruptcy? Trump is so self assured that he makes Napoleon looks like he wasn’t entirely sure of himself. He’s far too self-important to ever be an effective politician, much less the POTUS. In foreign peace talks, the man would probably stand up and walk out, throwing a tantrum if people didn’t agree with him. And sorry, Donald, but you cannot fire the leaders of other nations! What will he do, besides whine like a toddler?Donald Trump is not a man of high moral character. He recently left Scottish citizens homeless in order to build a golf course, bulldozing their lands and displacing proud residents of the nation. And he’s done the same to minority communities by destroying their areas for hotels and casinos. Plus he has spoken out repeatedly against affordable health care for American citizens who are poor. His morality meter’s needle is too low to read; his character is as shady as it gets.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-14T22:43:13.1971340Z
@Throwback: I am growing ever more tired of stroking your id to make you feel important. I wrote you a wonderful fictional testament to your life to make your bruised and battered nothingness of a being feel good so you would finally shut your hole and leave me alone to discuss topics with these folks who actually have something to say and are not self centered and want to waste space focusing on their own petty "feud" or whatever you are doing. I have contacted Airmaxx about you twice and everytime you post I report you. I have fervently hoped you would act like a grown man and leave well enough alone, but you are a child, you keep on and on and on with your pettiness and being a boot licking sycophant to right wing extremist ideologies. FYI I worked hard for my education and I will not let a petty small man like you berate my accomplishments out of some misplaced jealousy...You have had the same opportunities in life I had. Before I went to get my PhDs I went to culinary school and was a pastry chef for years. So yeah a working class joe. Pffffffft who cars Just do not address me ion any way or form any more. Please. Thank you for nothing.
Throwback says2016-08-14T23:49:16.6306844Z
@maslow, don't forget who posted opinion items where the opinions themselves were attacks on the dignity of those who disagree. I then proceeded to politely provide answers which demonstrated the fallacy of your position without engaging in the pettiness you did. You then began sending me repeated 'friend requests' laced with profanity. This is obviously SOP for you when your argument fails, as foxxhajti was treated to the same insulting behavior by you. Report me all you want. I'm sure Airmaxx can view the attacks you posted as well. Changing your username to karlmarx59 won't prevent Airmaxx from seeing them.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-15T03:40:58.6312696Z
Throwback: Just can't let go of that bone can you Peppermint PETTY? This isn't a contest. I have asked you politely to stop bothering me and calling me Maslow. You will not stop rehashing the past and stop bothering me, why is that, what are you trying to prove? I do not concede that anything you have ever commented on is of any relevance. You have no understanding of what I have to say , so stop bothering me. And stop commenting to other people about me who also don't care what you have to say. By the way you man Trump says "bigly" as his moniker. I had some respect for you because you claimed to be a law enforcement officer, but I believe you are lying about that. I now have absolutely no respect for you as a man, an intellectual, and as a human being. So for the hundredth time, leave me alone. Stop showing everyone you are the smallest, most petty man on earth. We get it okay?
Throwback says2016-08-15T03:44:54.6053633Z
Aww, maslow, you do care? You were very personal in your attacks which you tried to pass off as polls. And you failed. If you in fact have an education, you are the perfect poster child for not wasting hard earned money on leftist schools. You need to diagnose yourself, troll master. You accuse everyone else of the behavior you exhibit.
Throwback says2016-08-15T03:52:15.6258443Z
@maslow, I would accept your apology and end this, if you gave one which was sincere. I think you own one to every gun rights advocate you preemptively attacked in your post, and to some of us for the most vulgar, profane personal messages. I you were to offer a sincere apology, without equivocating at a later time, I would let it go. Your behavior was completely out of line and exceptionally offensive. Otherwise, I will continue in the spirit you invoked.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-15T04:09:24.0810019Z
Throwback: I am not maslow, for one. I do not owe you an apology, but thank you for your very public threat. I am promptly sending all this rubbish to Airmaxx. I told him I have asked you to leave me alone but you have just admitted it is you vendetta to harass and threaten me and berate me all out of some childish jealousy because I took the time to work my ass off to attend university in America and Germany and you think everything that you could not accomplish is Liberal, left wing agenda. Well, blowhard, Trump went to an Ivey league Left wing university called Wharton College. Stick that in you pot pipe and smoke it. I have backed up any and all info I had with facts you are coming from a place of emotion. I was completely apathetic towards you and your work a day life until you displayed such an unusually inept ability to control yourself and deduce information. It was like an experiment speaking with you. You are a Man child. So, I tire of you quite easily. And unlike you, I have a real job, where people depend on my work. Not to eat do nuts all day. My contributions to science make a difference in the world, not cuffing a 10 year old for stealing gum. Or rather SHOOTING a 10 year old for stealing gum. My effigy to you was a complete and utter spoof to placate you and get you going on something else but no, you had to keep poking the bear, stirring the fire. So, my last appeal to you to stop calling me maslow and to stop addressing me with your simpleton fodder is now. No apologies except this...And in all sincereness... My most humble request...I apologize you are a epic failure in life.
Throwback says2016-08-15T04:18:20.6167397Z
@maslow: you have never adequately refuted my refutation of your take on the gun nuts. You are nothing but an educated simple minded socialist who seeks to control the lives of others through overbearing government. And the simple fact you found the news article about me shooting a 10 year old to death for stealing gum doesn't diminish the diminutive stature of your arguments. You post vitriolic offerings and you can't handle being bested. You can't accept that the majority of "uneducated" people on this site could refute your statements. It's just that simple.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-15T04:18:40.1933667Z
Throwback: Karlmarx59...............I see you accepted my heartfelt apology. Thank you. Now move on to someone who is revolted by you. Good luck in you delusional endeavors. Don't gag on your communion wafer when your hypocrisy clogs your throat.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-15T04:27:45.8848647Z
Throwback There are plenty of uneducated people on here that converse with me and I learn from them all the time, just YOU are not one of them and it digs at your core. I cannot help you are too stupid to attend university. I did refute your"argument" because you never made a sound argument. I believe my dear 52 year old life failure as a foot beat cop, are the one that cannot handle being "bested" because you harp on it continuously. That is an open window into your simpleton psyche. When I have been told something I did not know I acknowledge it freely, but alas my petty friend you don't do anything but spout rhetoric. This is a place to win my Mommy and Daddy's validation...And god know not from the likes of you. I have validated myself in my own hard work, something you might try sometime. I mean a cop is an honorable job, but it ain't reaching for the stars now is it? Aw, but I'm being to Trumpian now, you might be getting off on this. Like I said I am truly sorry I have upset you, you glass bubble you live in, and maybe even pulled your head out of your ass a little. You should be thanking me, but it's okay. I enjoyed it. Now F off and leave me alone. Fodder king.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-15T04:30:07.1593703Z
Throwback well maybe Maslow will apologize to you, but I won't because I have no reason to. Good bye to you illiterate.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-15T04:43:19.7536510Z
@Maslow: Throwup really grows more desperate with each post! Perhaps his homophobic tendencies are catching up with his ultra conservative leanings and his faux friends have found out about his ersatz homosexual partner? I don't know but he is having a gibbering break down like Donald Trump trying to read a tele promptor. Poor guy, maybe you should apologize before he loses it completely. And Why is he so envious of an education? I guess being an idiot really gets to him?

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