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ladiesman says2019-01-20T15:10:15.9702004Z
There should be a "I hope not" option.
F100 says2019-01-20T17:06:26.7522004Z
There is a reason for not including the "I Hope Not" answer - this question deals with a point that is very delicate in the foreign policy structure of the world now, And we must consider solid answers - either that this may escalate into a new cold war or not. I Hope Not would suit something more informal or opinionated.
Vorhut says2019-01-20T23:35:49.1437873Z
I'll yes, But it's actually more like the Cold war never actually ended, People just wrote it off as being over and stopped paying attention. Both Xi and Putin have been made permanent leaders of their respective positions (Official Dictator status achieved). Xi has said that China will begin expansion in 2030, Which I presume means Russia will follow suit. So its not a question of "will USA vs China be the next cold war? " but rather, Is the cold war about to heat up?
smokey0990 says2019-01-22T03:15:18.8106869Z
Everything Vorhut said is correct, But I'd like to add that there has always been a cold war. Since medieval times every nation has feared every other nation that might be able to take them out, For obvious reasons. So there have always been arms races and technology races, Each nation hoping to out do the others so as to be safe from attack. The cold war did not invent the idea of deterrence it just made it more well known. It's no coincidence that the cold war started at the same time technological innovations in both warfare and communications allowed each nation to get a much clearer and scarier picture of what the others were capable of. The only real difference between the cold war and the centuries before it is that now the struggle is global and both sides, Being much more aware of what the other is capable of, Accelerated their development of weapons technology to a level never seen before. So while the cold war was significant (the creation and distribution of nuclear arms alone is definitely worth taking note of) it is really just a continuation of the struggle that has gone on since the fall of Rome at least. The players and the stakes change, But the game remains the same. Regardless of it's history there is no turning technology backwards, There will always be a cold war whether it makes the news or not.
KronusTempus says2019-01-26T17:39:55.2848375Z
No, Because China's economy is slowing down fast, That coupled with their enormous debt should limit their power
Flakeburg6 says2019-01-28T15:31:10.5374979Z
We already fighting so it theres an big chance that it will create an cold war

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