Will we owe less money to China if the Chinese Yuan crashes?

Posted by: Sarra

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cludwig says2015-08-13T05:50:32.5236497Z
A crash of the Yuan or the Chinese economy would be a disaster for America. The Chinese would likely seek to cash out their U.S. Treasuries to prop up their own economy (or at the very least stop lending America money). This would cause interest rates to rise dramatically (this would mark the end of cheap money and the cost of borrowing would become very expensive for the U.S. Government and U.S. citizens), and probably lead to the complete collapse of the U.S. Dollar. This is the world of global economic and banking interdependency that we now live in.
Sarra says2015-08-13T09:44:50.3934869Z
Thank you. You guys and gals answered my question in lots of different ways that was very informative :)

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