• Yes, I'll Give Him a Chance to be President.

  • No, I'll Never Give Him a Chance!

59% 17 votes
41% 12 votes
  • To be clear, I am very disappointed with Mr. Trump's victory of the presidency. However, Mr. Trump won the electoral college vote fairly, and he deserves to have a chance to be president. If the people of the country really want this kind of change, they will get it. I will never fully support him after the racism, sexism, and bigotry he showed prior to his election. After all, many of the ideas he supported did not resemble the American values. However, I will respect Mr. Trump until he gives me a reason not to. We owe it to the president-elect to have an open mind and clean slate, regardless of first impressions. I believe that we have a wonderful system of checks and balances in the United States government, and I truly believe and hope that the congress and supreme court will monitor him and keep him under control. I cannot make an argument against him being a poor president unless I am a good citizen and look upon him with a clear, unbiased mind. After all, Mr. Trump will be our president, whether I personally give him a chance or not.

  • Our country needs an outsider. The problem is career politicians because they get tied into special interest groups. Career politicians don't care at all about the needs of the people or freedom, they care only about money and power.

  • Anyone but Bernie.

  • I learned a long time ago that sociopaths cannot change. Trump is not only a sociopath, but he is in way over his head. He got into the race purely for ego reasons (as usual), and as his ego kept being fed, he got more and more carried away w/o ever realizing what it was he was actually running for. Trump is a conman, and he conned 53 million Americans.

  • This is a non-question. You can't give someone a chance or not if your choice has no impact on whether or not he'll be president. And at this point it doesn't. So, no I'm not giving him a chance. But I'm also not not giving him a chance. This is a non-question.

  • hes rascist and sexist

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TurboTech says2016-11-15T00:36:32.0861768Z
I don't support Mr. Donald Trump, and I probably never will fully support him. He is a terrible person, and he probably should not have been the chance to be president. However, MY OPINION DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT that president-elect Trump will be replacing Obama this January 20. He won fair and square, and we should respect that. Even though Mr. Trump does not respect others (especially those of other races and genders), I will respect him as POTUS until he gives me proper reason not to. I believe that he already showed he is unfit to be president, but until I see what kind of president he actually makes, I cannot protest against his victory. To all of those protesting against Mr. Trump: I feel you and understand you. However, protesting will change nothing! All we can do is hope that he will take back some of the things he has said (some of that has already begun on CBS's "60 Minutes"). Thank you for reading.
Danbury says2016-11-15T00:56:33.9646811Z
Donald Trump hasn't given you any reasons to disrespect him? Seriously? I disagree with those who say he won fair and square. He did not at all, by a lot of measures. Putin, Comey, the disingenuous campaign of his, which is turning to to (surprise, surprise) to have been itself a complete fraud... In fact, Trump won by the exact opposite of fair and square. If you and a co-worker are competing for a promotion and your co-worker campaigns for the position by telling you boss that you are a criminal, that you stole money from the company, that founded a terrorist group, etc., and he gets the promotion, would you really feel that person had won "fair and square"?
MasturDbtor says2016-11-15T02:44:34.0278197Z
@ TurboTech Protests as long as they are peaceful (and most of them are even in the sensationalist media focuses on the few that aren't) are protected by the 1st amendment. And there's plenty of reason to protest. Trump's statements made during his campaign give us good reason to expect the worst out of him as president. Of course people need to protest to express their frustration, so our politicians know people are concerned.
Anonymous says2016-11-15T11:37:50.0165192Z
@Danbury - You're delusional! Trump won this election fairly and righteously!
Danbury says2016-11-15T14:08:12.3709369Z
Sciguy, interesting comment from the side that insisted the polls were rigged but only if Trump were to lose. What is actually and literally delusional, or at the very least ignorant, is to be unaware of Comey's going against all advise to not bring up (what amounted to nothing) something he had ZERO information on at the time, breaking a law in doing so (I thought you guys were so opposed to lawbreaking, even when it is not lawbreaking, as in having a private email server? But now you ARE for breaking the law so long as it influences an election to your way?) and Assange and Putin - actual hostile foreign actors - illegally hacking email servers in order to influence the US election, which Russia has now admitted it did, even as Putin is now saying to Trump that he wants neither country butting into domestic affairs? So here is your problem, sciguy: Your only measure of anything appears to be whether you personally like it or not. You don't appear to have any kind of broader principles, such as "illegal hacking of US emails by foreign agents is wrong." Rather, you appear to believe that, so long as such things are done in service to the outcome YOU want, it is fine, but if it is done in service to the side you do NOT want to win, it is rigged. See, that makes no sense at all, and in fact shows that you are the one suffering from delusion, intellectual dishonesty, and a dangerous form of precedent setting.
Danbury says2016-11-15T14:10:31.1847609Z
Btw, the only people who could possibly believe that Trump won the election "righteously" are bigots and those whose emotional development ended at around age 15, when that kind of rhetoric was "awesome, dude!" That any adult would find Trump's rhetoric righteous is pathetic and not a good sign as to the intellect of such a person. Stunted. Not good.

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