Will you rather sacrifice "Morality" for "Progress"? (I encourage you to put your reasons why, I need to learn too.)

Posted by: Hetkinson

I, for one, simply don't understand why we actually "care" to each other "too much". The definition of morality that I'll be using is "principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior'. That being said, I usually thought of "setting-aside" emotions first to solve problems. I just hated it when WE, as an entire species, waste RESOURCES on pointless things. For one, I'll be starting at the concept of "death"; yeah it is sentimental since we are social beings. We tend to r

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Yes, objectively, we should. (Here's another thought you might wanna hear.)

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tanminecraft2 says2016-07-29T11:44:20.9028739Z
Yes it's a risk management and risk/sacrifice must be made for an example in a flight test some may die but today it saved many lives and make lives better it just overly outweigh that lives costs everyone must still die so why?
JOE_PABLO says2016-07-29T14:14:58.5529499Z
I don't think that you got your full statement out in the description, but I'd like to put my own thoughts about death out there, specifically as it relates to suicide. Many people would quantify suicide as a selfish, immoral act, yet, from a mostly philosophical and anecdotal perspective, view it as simply an act of an individual, or the result of a serious psychological failing. The reason why suicide is considered so selfish is because, most people, they're taking it from teh collective perspective that, "You're hurting the people around you," that, "You're destroying relationships, making people who love you cry," which, might be the case, but this is irrational if the suicide was apathetic, which is to say, made up out of reasoning rather than, "Brad dumped me, and now I don't know how I'm going to go on with my life!"--a Romeo and Juliet scenario, Harry and Voldemort even. If more people considered suicide a) an individual act and b) the result of much reasoning, then we would see that suicide is actually, somewhat justifiable, if not totally, particularly because, if we were much less melodramatic and emotional about our lives, we would not try to commit suicide. I should note, I've attempted suicide 4 times, and each time, the reason I decided against it was because I, as an individual, felt that I was going to be making a huge mistake, that, there was still a great deal I needed to do before I left; eventually, I maneuvered my way into the perspective of Camus, and took pride in pushing my boulder up the hill. The point is that, because we are so emotional about suicide, we think less about how to prevent it, and more about how awful it is, when it's likely, we could make more leaps by focusing on the more psychological aspects of it, rather than turning every angsty teenager into a martyr.
JohnF.Kennedy says2016-07-29T14:43:20.0476703Z
Define progress please
RonaldTrumpkin says2016-07-29T15:42:10.9824909Z
Why the f*ck would you post this four times? Good god.

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