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  • Windows 8

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19% 13 votes
  • There are many issues I take with Windows 10 (privacy concerns chief among them), but most of these issues can be circumvented. 8 & 8.1 were infuriating; the OS was made for a tablet in mind, and yet Microsoft wanted to try and implement the OS on desktops, despite the interface not being friendly for desktop-users in mind; it was a bit of a disaster truthfully.

    Posted by: Spud
  • Windows 8 is slow

    Posted by: Ryan77
  • a. Its newer and runs smoother with an updated set of drivers and the simplicity of windows 7 with the necessary abilities we need today. b. This operation could be used on a phone. Thole slide function is unnecessarily complex and existent.

  • You do not remove functionality or a gui that users have become comfortable with without a VERY good reason, doing so was a massive blunder.

    Posted by: Arget
  • Windows 7 was the best

  • I think Windows 10 has a more user-friendly interface.

  • There is considerable debate over whether Windows 10 or Windows SEVEN are better, but Windows 8 is just the step between them and is worse than both. There is no benefit to having Windows 8 over Windows 10. Windows 7 is desktop-only, which some may appreciate.

  • Windows 10 is faster, has less bugs and reintroduces the start menu. By having the start menu, it sustains the old, classic taste of windows that we all know and love. The new start menu is also very informative and gets you to your apps a little bit quicker.

    Posted by: herz2
  • windows 10 is more faster, has less bugs and the new start menu is easier to use.

  • WIndows 10 has a start menu like most OS of Windows. WIndows 8 & .1 tried something different and failed. Seriously, who enjoys a huge start screen full of apps you'll probably never use?

    Posted by: 16apex
  • Windows 10 is complete utter BULLSHIT. I'm sick and tired of Cortana constantly popping up disrupting what I was previously doing, the scroll bar randomly stops working, the start panel would not work for months and i had to reset the WHOLE thing. Windows 8 was the BEST. I wish I could go back but it's far too late. I'll have to endure the joke of a programme forever.

    Posted by: SegBeg
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Spud says2017-01-30T13:10:16.4922451Z
@SegBeg If you want to get rid of Cortana, you'll have to do it via the registry editor (http://www.Howtogeek.Com/265027/how-to-disable-cortana-in-windows-10/). A very annoying implementation admittedly; we used to be able to just turn the thing off prior to the Anniversary update. Just be sure that if you do change it via the registry editor, make sure to follow the steps to the letter and don't stuff around with the registry editor.
SegBeg says2017-01-30T13:18:43.5702451Z
@Spud, thanks for the advice. I'll try and do it ASAP!
Spud says2017-01-30T13:25:09.9822451Z
@SegBeg No probs; have a good night.
SegBeg says2017-01-30T13:26:16.2510451Z
@Well it's actually 1:30 in the Afternoon here, but thanks anyway
madness says2017-01-30T16:52:36.9182080Z
What happened to windows 9?
Patrick62 says2017-02-08T20:32:41.9583029Z
Windows X is better!

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