Windows or Macintosh?

Posted by: abyteofbrain

Do you prefer Windows or Mac for your own personal use?

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Apple Macintosh

78% 51 votes
22% 14 votes
  • Is it even a contest? I need my games, and my interface.

  • windows have larger community , better interface. its heaven of gamers. and above all windows gives us better freedom to customize interface, can be install in any hardware etc.

  • I have ALWAYS been a PC dude. From the time I was 4, I was playing Sesame Street games on my good ol PC.

    Posted by: jj7m
  • Windows is the most convenient and productive for me.

    Posted by: Aouzy
  • Windows 8 is awesome. Compatibility is the real reason I use it. Also, laptops. You can get a computer with Windows on it from like 50 companies and there's like a thousand different models to pick from, and they don't cost a lot of money... Apple is the only seller apart from some stores like Walmart but they're still made by Apple; and they're so expensive it was dubbed the "Apple tax" and they only make like 20 models. And Windows has a distinct left-right click; MAC HAS A ONE-BUTTON MOUSE that sucks for playing Minecraft. It supports two button input, but the trackpads on macs and the mice on their PC's just aren't made for games.

  • Gaming, gaming, gaming. That's all I hear from PC users. I like iOS and the beautiful design. Only butthurt poor people complain about the price. And yes, I have a windows laptop I paid 1K for and it's the worst thing ever.

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vortux says2013-09-12T12:56:11.1032316-05:00
Both of them. And Linux.
abyteofbrain says2013-09-12T14:50:30.3160962-05:00
I'm surprised to see that Windows is ahead.
yay842 says2013-09-12T20:03:10.0725180-05:00
I thought Apple would be in the lead
yay842 says2013-09-12T20:03:26.6293454-05:00
But I would've chosen both, they're both good in their own ways
mylesneal says2013-09-13T22:30:13.1167999-05:00
Both of them for sure
abyteofbrain says2013-09-16T12:12:26.1739937-05:00
They have a symbiotic relationship in my home.

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