With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. (Read description)

Posted by: reece

Following that logic, does religion even matter?

  • Yes it matters.

  • No, there is no point.

33% 8 votes
67% 16 votes
  • I believe that religion matters because the majority of followers of a religion aren't seeking revenge against others, but are looking for a sense of peace and hope. Religion provides that peace and hope that those individuals might not be able to find elsewhere. It still matters because those who do "good" are more likely to continue to be "good". While someone who was considered "bad" may be able to find a sense of salvation and turn to be a better person.

  • Of course, religion matters to many people, even at this day and age. Why? Various reasons, one example being a Catholic myself; when in need, I feel reassured that God is there to help me, when a loved one dies, I feel reassured that they will be waiting for me in Heaven. I'm not even the largest example, people travel across the world to pilgrimage in holy places and some (though I do not agree) fight for their religion, because it matters that much to them. (again, fully against killing people for having a different religion)

  • With cause comes consequence (yin yang)

    Posted by: reece
  • Religion is a construct of humans with or without it we would still act the same, all we would have to do is interpret a religion in a certain way and you can do practically anything. Just look at history countless individuals of were part of religion yet that didnt stop them from committing horrible crimes.

  • For the most part its just having an authoritarian figure whether king, gods, police or otherwise these are likely the main thing that stops people but we definitely don't need gods or goddesses to be good we invent our own morality and it tends to come back to the whole do unto others as you would like to be done unto whether made canon by religion or not.

  • people use religion as a scapegoat to indorse conflict when in reality people want what they haven't earned, and for those of you who only do good for the fear of punishment. your no better than the people that do bad all on there own.

    Posted by: nick6
  • Duh

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reece says2015-04-19T06:56:35.2525390-05:00
Comments would be great.
Stalin_Mario says2015-04-19T07:13:34.3748963-05:00
Religion makes good people do bad things. That's how religion matters.
Anonymous says2015-04-19T07:14:42.1599716-05:00
The right way, is the logical way, is the moral way logic=any cause and effect relation
Episteme says2015-04-19T07:21:00.7185454-05:00
Religion does more than separate 'good' and 'bad' people. I think separating people into either good or bad is not necessarily helpful in determining how important religion is. Each of us has some 'bad' parts and each of us has some 'good' parts. As an example, a person can give to charity while also commit a theft afterwards. Certain 'bad' things are somewhat subjective and change over time. Those that seem to be constantly considered bad are things like murder and theft. Other things have changed from being considered 'bad' to being good.
Episteme says2015-04-19T07:26:41.9549575-05:00
Stalin_Mario - Why do you think religion makes good people do bad things? The majority of Christians, for example, are not extremists, but everyday people that believe in a certain doctrine. Vi_spex - I understand what you mean by the right way is the logical way, however, don't you think some aspects of morality are also chosen by intuition and not necessarily just logic?
Stalin_Mario says2015-04-19T15:44:51.7287593-05:00
Sorry, I meant that religion makes some good people do bad things, though, in fairness, it does make some bad people do good things. However, I would argue that it makes more good people do bad things, than vice versa (though this is still not a majority of the people who practice religion).

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