With the introduction of 'English Votes for English Laws' (EVEL) should Scotland now become an independent country

Posted by: Chris96

EVEL may sound fair to the English, to which it is far from. A lot of 'English' laws affect the whole of the UK, which is why I object to them being called 'English Laws'. It means Scottish MP's voted in by Scotland can't vote on matters that will affect Scotland's budget. The introduction of EVEL also breaks the Act of Union (1707).

  • YES - With the result of EVEL Scotland should become an independent country

  • NO - Scotland should not become an independent country, despite the result of EVEL.

36% 4 votes
64% 7 votes
  • The purpose of EVEL is to block the left wing parties like SNP, Plaid Cymru, and the SDLP from opposing and potentially blocking the Tory Agenda. By depriving Scottish MPs of their voting rights, the popularity of increased devolution, and eventual independence will surge.

  • Don't i recall a vote or something recently...

  • England let Scotland hold a referendum to see if they wanted to remain in the United Kingdom. Scotland voted to stay. Deal with it.

  • i aam scottish and we have been fighting fr independence for hundreds of years and i would support independence if it was hundreds of years ago but if scotland got independence today their economy would be weak and unstable. also it would effect their relationship with the UK. they need to stay

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Chris96 says2015-10-27T00:38:16.7025649Z
@Kreakin: Yes, but situations change, and it's the will of the Scottish people that will decide the independence outcome, not Britain. @58539672: 'England' never 'let' Scotland hold a referendum, as England does not have a parliament, and even if England did have a devolved parliament they would have no power over Scottish independence debate. Please remember in the United Kingdom that England do not 'rule' neither do Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Also, as I said to Kreakin, situations change, the general consensus could be no one year and yes the next. Hence, if you look at official polls, they all show a rise in support for Yes and some even showing in favour for Yes.
Dkice4 says2015-10-27T01:40:48.7600044Z
The United Kingdom is stronger united. An independent England, Scotland, or Wales, will lead to a much weaker island. Since I am a supporter of state's rights, however, it is solely the will of the Scots.

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