With the rise in popularity of the smartphone, are desktop computers becoming outdated?

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TBR says2015-04-13T10:06:53.1838320-05:00
As someone with a long history (willing to bet close to the longest on this site) with technology, I will say, different bits of technology fit different rolls. I have almost alwas had a laptop. I had a PDA from the PALMIII days. Point is, at my home I have three "desktops", three laptops, two tablets and two "smart phones". Each is preforming its niche well. My wife cant do her Photoshop work as well on a laptop as on a strong desktop with 2 24" monitors. My 5yo is better sitting at his desktop. If the keyboard or mouse is destroyed with juice, I shrug and put another one in. He has a laptop. The wife's old laptop. At this point, he has picked 5 of the keys off, and can't play his games nearly as well using the trackpad.
Kreakin says2015-04-13T11:49:16.3252121-05:00
I hate laptops, they are way to small for using daily. Give me a full size ergonomic keyboard and a 26" 4k screen any day.
TBR says2015-04-13T11:51:52.2656308-05:00
What I am waiting for is for the holistic "ecosystem" to become transparent. MS is going a great job with that right now. From phone to phone, laptop to laptop, desktop to desktop etc. I work with lots of devices. When I pickup one or another, I want the same access to data with little to no effort.

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