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Yes it is a bad league

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No it is a good league

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Unstobbaple says2016-12-26T03:19:57.8851968Z
IDelete sURe, that's why you should always remember to Ddo you're wibffs Choirs Elliots. Http://freakonomics.Com/2010/08/20/more-chores-might-mean-more-sex/
Unstobbaple says2016-12-27T04:41:23.7315437Z
I'd also add that outliers are extremely interesting. While men are often more naturally inclined to enjoy sports in general (whether by nature or nurture) it's more interesting to me (and I'd normally rather check out women than a bunch of dudes). A Pro female basketball team would be more interesting to me than a male team since it's a greater outlier.

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