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Wolves have been misunderstood for hundreds of years. They are simply other creatures that we share this earth with, and are like bears, bobcats, and other woodland carnivores.



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Wolverines are rodents, like a raccoon, although if you typed 'wolverine' into the search engine, it would come up with creepy things like wolf-men. So, just type 'wolverine rodent'.

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tejretics says2016-06-04T13:42:41.5754881Z
Raccoons and wolverines are both of the order Carnivora (raccoons being procyonids and wolverines being mustelids), whereas rodents are of the order Rodentia.
MWonderWolf says2016-07-18T07:54:41.9502536Z
Wolves are in the same order.
MWonderWolf says2016-07-27T07:46:36.3742691Z
And I typed rodent, and it worked. If you put carnivore, then it would also be creepy stuff.

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