• Woman

  • Machine

73% 22 votes
27% 8 votes

    Posted by: 424431
  • Woman is not a machine and still it does things which machine is doing!

    Posted by: zeesee
  • I'm a woman. They'll never be able to invent a machine that can do everything that I do.

  • I think billsands is right woman divorce you and steal your stuff but not all the woman are the same you are just saying this because as everybody must imagine somenthing went wrong in your relationship and yes a sexdroid can't do many things that can please but nothing of that is the same as a real woman, Friend or girlfriend anyway one day you will stop like in the sexdroid and you will realize how precious the woman are and how many things we can do you may argue with somebody but replace it for something else or someone else is not good guys

  • It's about the incredible worth of a woman

  • Women are most exciting and precios phenomenas in life. Love them much.

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