Women in combat

Posted by: puppyfish13

Should military women be in combat?

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Tumblrnatic says2015-04-05T15:04:29.5912592-05:00
@mathgeekjoe women tend to hold grudges for longer so yep if you annoy me or any females. I would run for the hills.
Stefy says2015-04-05T15:10:55.8301030-05:00
It doesnt even matter if men are physically stronger on average. If bothe sexes have the same standards to meet to be in the military than it shouldnt matter
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-05T18:35:47.3329234-05:00
@Tonius5 Adding combat for women wouldn't reduce the number of men in combat. With women in combat roles, instead of only having a man pull you to cover, you would also have a women covering fire.
dbushwacker says2015-04-06T08:41:17.7462600-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe XD lol, that sounds about right to me. @Everyone, now I get what the guys on the no side are saying, and at least none of them whom commented are sexist a**holes, but I agree with the yes side for an oddly sounding reason. Because of the past. In past centuries we have heard the tales of Scandinavian shield maidens holding their own beside other Vikingr (supposedly that's how its spelled in North men :P), and likewise in feudal Japan there have been the Onna-bugeisha whom have taken up the call and fought beside men, and in more recent memories there have even been women who have gone to the extend to disguise themselves as men and taken false names to fight for what they believe in. So, in their memory and their sacrifice alone for women to play a role in war, I believe that women today have the right to prove themselves if so they choose. I try not to worry so much about the risks, there will always be risk, and here I am taking a risk by putting my trust in the women of our armed forces because they have earned it. Anyways, have a good one everyone :P, hope you're all not gonna troll me too bad.
Stefy says2015-04-06T13:23:55.4404295-05:00
Trustmeinlying: That that sorcific man cant handke seeing a woman hurt is his problem not her problem because he is the one who can't handle his emotions and maybe ge shouldnt be in the military. Also, if men can make their owm decisions about risking ptsd, women are equally capable of making those decisions.
Trustmeinlying says2015-04-07T09:26:33.4693531-05:00
From my stance im saying they can be in the military but i feel like they shouldn't be in the frontline.

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