Women vs Men : who should rule the world

Posted by: DebateMan3

Who do you think should have the most power in society.

  • Women

  • Men

84% 26 votes
16% 5 votes
  • Even as a man, I recognise that women are better in most roles than men. In a modern society, They should own most of the political and economical power. I think countries would be much better off if they let women rule.

  • Is this even a relevant question in 2020? Of course women should rule because they are better in every way to men.

  • Boys are pathetic and dumb. Not a single boy can beat me because I always have better grades than them in every class and I beat them in every sport. In all the sports class I have been, The boys team always loses against us. The best thing is that they all think they are so smart and strong, It only makes better when you eventually beat them in everything.

  • Girl power! Good to see people know who rules now!

  • I would like to quote a real example for me choosing women. way before British India, For a short period of time the country was ruled by Razia Sultana, A fierce warrior and a woman who brought the Mamluk Dynasty to the helm. Not only was she a fierce warrior, But also an excellent administrator, And a ruler who worked for the benefit of her subjects. Unfortunately, She was murdered by her brothers out of sheer envy, And not long after her murder the Mamluks were defeated by the Tughlaqs.

  • Si les femmes devraient gouverner elle l'aurait déja fait, Certe elles sont peut-être meilleures, Mais elle ne se sont jamais lancer en politique. Donc, Les homme devrait régner jusqu'à ce que plus de femme se lance

    Posted by: GDMO
  • Men have been the primary inventors throughout history, Including modern times. Women say they want to do the things that men do. . . Let's explore that shall we? An overwhelming majority of nuclear engineers in the world are men, And like it or not nuclear energy runs the world. I think it would be hilarious to just give all the women the nuclear engineering jobs to replace the men to see how long the world lasts. There are too many nuclear power plants in the the world, And they would melt down if women ran them all because statistics show they aren't even remotely interested in it. The ones that are are smart, But here are the statistics: In the United States 83% of nuclear engineers are male, And 17% of nuclear engineers are female. If all the men poofed over night it would leave the US a ticking time bomb since there are over 95 nuclear reactors there. Probably Russia too. Can you imagine 95 Chernobyl's? Kiss the world goodbye.

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FeministsOverMen says2020-05-11T21:38:38.3088142Z
Women will rule the world by the next century, Thats for sure.
kma08021 says2020-05-12T00:36:15.0131658Z
The most qualified people should hold office, Regardless of their genitalia.
ItsMe2423 says2020-05-13T03:56:04.5453661Z
I’m not disrespectful anyone and my comment isn’t really related to this debate. It kind of just slipped onto my mind but saying that women are better than men or that men suck. . Are we not acting like how men used to treat women? How is saying that men are worse than women any better than how men used to say that men were better than women. . ? I’m not here to start a fight, I just wanted to say this.
GDMO says2020-05-13T14:23:18.3803813Z
Je crois que seul les meilleurs devraient gouverner peut importe leur sexe
SuperWoman1 says2020-05-13T18:01:55.4715918Z
+GDMO En effet, Puisque les meilleures, C'est les femmes, Ce sont elles qui devraient gouverner. De toute manière même si les hommes peuvent participer, Les femmes gagneront tout de même.
Dankrobot555 says2020-05-14T21:11:14.5329903Z
@feministsovermen If that's true there won't be a century after that since you'll all be too busy not working on anything including cooling down the nuclear reactors in your country.
SuperWoman1 says2020-05-14T21:22:01.5388428Z
+Dankrobot Saying that women will rule the world doesn't mean men will stop working. It just means that most of the important jobs will be filled by women. Also, This change would be done gradually so women could just fill in the jobs in engineering gradually too.
Dankrobot555 says2020-05-14T21:53:04.8220986Z
@superwoman1 Gradually? I hate to break it to you but nuclear reactors don't have the time to wait to see if you're interested in them yet.
SuperWoman1 says2020-05-14T23:50:29.3330430Z
+Dankrobot555 Just because women would rule and administrate doesn't mean men would suddenly combust and die. They would keep their job until new female engineers would replace them. When the russians took Crimea, The ukrainian nuclear engineers didn't dissapear because the russians were now in charge. It's not hard to understand, The state would simply gradualy replace men as more women would become engineers and, In a generation, They would be replaced. If you can't understand that, Don't try to hard or you will have a stroke.
Dankrobot555 says2020-05-15T01:05:37.8171947Z
@SuperWoman1 You're not good at math are you? The statistics show women aren't in charge of those jobs because they literally choose different career paths, Not because they're oppressed. The percentage of women in that field was 20% 3 years ago. . . It actually dropped to 17%. Women don't like to do those things or they would have stayed. What are you going to do force women to work jobs they don't want to do?

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