World of Warcraft Vs Final Fantasy XIV

Posted by: Gaster_Sans

Which is the better MMORPG nowadays?

  • World of Warcraft

  • Final Fantasy XIV

45% 5 votes
55% 6 votes
  • WoW is the biggest MMORPG there is and it laid the foundation for a majority of the MMORPGs around today. It has a long deep history in terms of lore and gameplay and has sparked countless other games such as Hearthstone, Heroes Of The Storm etc. WoW will always remain as the MMO juggernaut for quite some time.

  • Not only is it still thriving, unlike WoW, it has more players than WoW ever has, you can be all the classes with one character, it has a better support staff than WoW does and its SquareEnix (which is better than Blizzard)

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Gaster_Sans says2017-06-27T14:04:30.8730641Z
To Knaveslayer99, WoW was the biggest MMORPG out there, FFXIV took that title about a year ago, and the title of the poll is Which is the better MMORPG NOWADAYS, not of all time
Mercur1 says2017-08-05T05:51:01.8269780Z
These games aren't that different, wow is the blueprint for FFXIV, which is funny because those that know MMO history are informed that ffxi, ffxiv's spiritual predacessor, was once doing better across the board as opposed to working, in fact wow has went f2p while ffxi is still a p2p game AND the player bases aren't that far apart, as well as ffxi remaining square enix's most profitable game ever. Wow's design, quest spam, then instanced dungeons left a pretty bad stain on the industry, creating clone's and dumbing down the MMO audience for it's easier curve and simple model of spam useless quest in a trash mob overworld then spam endgame dungeons in a guild disbands after ppl are adhd'd with the few repitive lack of skill, area Dodge, "oh look I Dodged the marker on the ground, I have skills, plus I did all these trash quest lines to get gear that makes me leet" pathetic. Eso gave birth to ffxi, and ffxi had social obstacles, game obstacles, and decisions that made you choose what to invest your time in. The biggest part of this were the social obstacles, because if you were an ass, ppl knew you were and you payed for it with a lack of friends, which taught a real life lesson, the game obstacles required knowledge of deep systems, enemies that required experience, enemies that required planning, quests that required decision making, encouraged teamwork, and long term planning, not to !Ention an economy that actually flutuated and utilized a majority of the crafting items during the games hayday. Heh.

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