• I am for WW3.

  • I am against WW3.

26% 8 votes
74% 23 votes
  • If you cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq. If the markets are a drama, bomb Iraq. If the terrorists are Saudi, And your alibi is shoddy, And your tastes remain quite gaudy, Bomb Iraq.

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tahir.imanov says2013-09-17T15:27:24.7192920-05:00
Wanna win presidential elections bomb Iraq
safebug says2013-09-17T17:55:39.4920684-05:00
Got in a fight with ur cat? Bomb Iraq
tahir.imanov says2013-09-17T21:01:57.2674869-05:00
Are you bored? Bomb Iraq.
imabench says2013-09-17T21:03:42.8825255-05:00
Tired of bombing Iraq? Bomb Iraq some more
TheAntidoter says2013-09-17T21:43:17.6110707-05:00
If you never were elected, bomb Iraq. If your mood is quite dejected, bomb Iraq. If you think that SUVs, Are the best thing since sliced cheese, And your father you must please, Bomb Iraq.
TheAntidoter says2013-09-17T21:43:27.0041505-05:00
(clap clap)
tahir.imanov says2013-09-18T00:47:53.2889409-05:00
If you want to win debate, bomb IRAQ
Juris_Naturalis says2013-09-22T11:43:24.0323700-05:00
Economy sucks? Oh, let's just bomb Iraq some more.
tahir.imanov says2013-09-30T07:09:11.7679629-05:00
Aliens are attacking, Bomb Iraq
Jackninja5 says2014-12-09T21:08:25.1936177-06:00
Live in Iraq? Bomb Iran

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