Would a gun ban in America be constitutional?

Posted by: BDPershing

Would banning fire arms,/weapons be constitutional? http://www.debate.org/debates/Bluesteel-v.-Mikal-Resolved-The-US-should-adopt-a-ban-on-assault-weapons-similar-to-Australias./1/

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BDPershing says2015-01-12T16:08:38.5633776-06:00
Btw I think it would be an amazing idea to have this image be required to announce your establishment as being "gun free" http://faithfamilyfreedom.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/gun-ban-300x231.jpg
PetersSmith says2015-01-12T16:08:59.9043593-06:00
Yes, because America does what it wants. All we have to do is make another amendment and boom, slavery is legalized.
BDPershing says2015-01-12T16:14:07.8907554-06:00
And for that to happen all that needs to be done is the banks to wave their little wand and *poof* slavery and gun ban. XD
PetersSmith says2015-01-12T16:16:35.1190366-06:00
BDPershing: Damn right.
BDPershing says2015-01-12T16:21:27.1811234-06:00
Gotta say I hate being the underdog, I want some money pushing power too dammit!!!
Eli01 says2015-01-12T16:30:28.7476220-06:00
Hey Peter
PetersSmith says2015-01-12T17:46:18.9543576-06:00
Eli01: Hello.
Dilara says2015-01-12T17:57:33.2415986-06:00
I love the picture
Dilara says2015-01-12T18:32:23.9458791-06:00
Wouldn't criminals get them anyway through black market the way they do drugs? And when they use those guns on unarmed people who have had guns taken away... And guns save 400,000 people a year
BDPershing says2015-01-12T20:43:32.0317897-06:00
@Shub-Niggurath Question, if i'm a cop, and there is a gun ban so you don't have a weapon, yet I still carry one. Exactly what is stopping me from telling you to give me your money, car, raping your wife, selling your daughter etc... What physical restriction do I have on me that wouldn't allow me to do it? Law? LOL, I am the law and if I say anything and provide false evidence, because I can do it, I can black mail and silence anything you say. You retaliate with a knife? I'll shoot you, you resist? I'll throw you in jail, there is nothing you can do to stop me for I have the physical power to do what ever I please.
funnycn says2015-01-13T07:09:40.0543837-06:00
@Peter Wrong.
PetersSmith says2015-01-13T10:18:49.4236771-06:00
Funnycn: It's just a joke, relax.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-13T13:32:12.6059105-06:00
@BDPershing You're deluded comment is laughable. Firstly nothing would stop a cop doing that today. Guns won't change that because you'd give them a reason to shoot you. Secondly paranoid cops are usually very trigger happy because of the 2nd amendment they are known to kill indiscriminately and claim it to be self defence "I though he had a gun". I don't blame them if they need to deal with people like you. Guess what more guns will do? Thats right they'll get even more paranoid to the point they become completely useless. What is the next stage you ask? A lawless banana republic. You would have wished you'd listened.
Logical_One says2015-01-13T13:34:08.1338353-06:00
Lets all become super duper soft and squishy, that will make terrorist think twice about coming to our soil, or the government from turning against its people outright. Right now there are too many armed americans for it to happen. That is what the 2nd amendment was about; not hunting food. It was about keeping a militia (non-army personnel, anyone of fighting ability), available to be called upon in time of need against foreign threats or threats right here at home from the government, if they so wished to oppress us.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-13T13:35:38.3493874-06:00
Your deluded comment is laughable*
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-13T14:49:53.3516788-06:00
@logical_one. Yes when USA has the most powerful Army, Navy, Airforce in the world. Invasions are just around the corner. And yes the 2nd amendment really is a deterrent against a foreign threat like airstrikes, bombs, missiles, drones and armored vehicles. What world do you live in by the way? When you ever start using you're guns against your own military/government it would be the more ironic event in the world and the people will ultimately always lose in the end. A once great nation will swallow itself into oblivion. Americans gun owners are paranoid, ignorant and arrogant.
BDPershing says2015-01-13T15:02:57.3083871-06:00
@Shub-Niggurath during a time of peace a standing army is illegal... Have you ever wandered why we are always at war... The Militia was designed to be the army of the states and during and invasion as the national army... Also as a criminal no law would force me to not have a gun, I got the tag of "criminal" because I care not about the dam law and the same goes for my pals. Also as a police officer, I don't know about a crime till its called in and i'm dispatched to the scene.

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