Would a world united under one government be better off or worse off?

Posted by: Forthelulz

I thought the reasons provided by Resamee in their poll left much to be desired. Hence, this poll, where you can proved your own reasons for support/antipathy.

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Yes, because...

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No, because...

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Freedom of speech means free speech for all

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I could care less.

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tajshar2k says2015-09-20T21:04:38.2343956Z
Well I assume that due to an united government we will have less hunger due to being able to devote money and food to fix world hunger. Thats socialism buddy... Republicans can't stand it when the government gives money to help the poor.
stargate says2015-09-20T21:14:20.0163835Z
Sigh, what I mean is there would be less wars so we would be speading less money on wars and the military. The reason we do it right now is out of fear, and the make sure we and our allies can be protected. So if we unite as one we would most lilkly start building this nations up, and make sure the areas are stable. This will allow them to be more like us, also what I meant was to send some money to build up the nations. Along with crushing any dictatorships that violate international laws. And crush terrorism, thess actions will allow for and better world. I never meant rase taxs and send money to deal with that(well I did to some degree). But my point is once the areas are stable and in this worldwide government then there will be peace worldwide.

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