Would airplanes that fly on wind power be a great idea?

Posted by: giraffelover

Here's my idea: What if airports and the military flew aircraft that took off on regular fuel, but then switched to wind power after take off? Would that be a good idea or bad idea?

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-30T11:52:14.3234129-05:00
How would that work?..
SNP1 says2014-04-30T11:55:24.3162773-05:00
It wouldn't, wind power would not be even close to enough of the power required.
00r3d says2014-04-30T12:36:32.9046920-05:00
It would be worse than gliding, to gather 'power' you would be converting the kinetic energy of the airplane into electrical/potential energy only to convert it back into kinetic. You would loose speed rapidly
giraffelover says2014-04-30T21:08:34.4928619-05:00
Using small wind turbines as jet engines. As for the science behind it, there's plenty of wind when you're going 180 mph (Slow by airplane standards). Basically, the plane takes off and taxis on regular fuel, but flies on wind power in flight and landing.
Aircraftfreak1 says2014-04-30T22:10:48.1081995-05:00
To sustain Bernouli's Principle, there has to be sufficient amount of wind against or drag against the aircraft to keep the aircraft aloft. This is why engines make the most sense. They can counter act the extreme lack or extreme presence of drag. Wind power to try and counter act wind, doesn't make much sense

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