Would America's history have been changed without horses?

Posted by: Fight4Liberty

  • Yes, America's history would have been changed without horses.

  • No, Would America's history have not been changed without horses.

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  • Not much doubt here. Consider the impact of feral mustangs who by piracy or negligence were released to roam in the American Southwest in astonishing numbers. Without those horses, the five great Indian nations migrating west in the 18th century would not have become the fierce, astonishing hunters of buffalo who dominated the central plains. Without those horses, the Commanche would not have become the violent raiders who stopped Spain at Santa Fe and San Antonio, who stopped Texas at Los Balcones. The Texans were forced to innovate with the legendary Rangers, the first western cavalry to shoot from horseback and with Colt's new six-shooters. Without horses, Oklahoma and Kansas would have been settled long before California or Oregon.

  • history in general would be

  • Colonisation would have been almost impossible without beasts of burden.

    Posted by: A341
  • They helped in transportation during the Revolutionary and Civil wars, as well as the lesser Mexican and Indian wars.

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